Why Natcore Technology’s timing may finally be right

A recent article by Kevin Bullis in the MIT Technology Review argues that the Chinese government's support of the solar industry has delayed the commercialization of more advanced technologies. He says the recent bankruptcy of Suntech, one of the world's largest producer of solar panels, may actually be good for the industry, because it may allow new technologies to enter the market.

Shares of Natcore Solar (TSXV:NXT) are up today after the company said it had made advances that take its black silicon solar cells to commercial levels of efficiency. Before today, Natcore says its proprietary cells achieved efficiencies of just 1%. That compared rather unfavorably to the average efficiencies for commercial cells, which came in at [...]

Last week’s five hottest Canadian tech stocks

Intelgenx CEO Horst Zerbe. Shares of the company have risen steadily throughout 2012.

A summer long rally has moved the TSX a thousand points, returning it to levels it had established before a spring swoon. The resurgence has been underpinned by stronger metals prices; gold is up 11.6% since late June, and silver has gained 26% in the same period. Technology stocks seem to remain a picker’s market, [...]

Canada’s 5 Hottest Cleantech Stocks

In 2012, Calgary's Pure Technologies returned to Libya to work on the Great Man-Made River Project. "What a difference a year has made for Pure," said Chairman James Paulson after the company's bounceback Q1.

It’s halfway through 2012 and the Toronto Stock Exchange, like most others worldwide, is feeling a little under the weather. The Euro debt crisis and an ongoing slide in commodities prices have contributed to a recent swoon. A minor bright spot has come from the cleantech stocks, which have outperformed the overall index for some [...]

Natcore Solar says business may come from R&D work

Natcore Solar CEO Chuck Provini said that black silicon wafers coated with Natcore's process have measured a reflectance of .3%, meaning that 99.7% of the sun was absorbed. He says this black silicon alternative could increase power output of solar facilities by 10% and, importantly, would not be affected by clouds or diffused light.

Natcore Solar (TSXV:NXT) today announced it had agreed to take on research and development work for five solar device manufacturers. The company says the unnamed companies requested Natcore do so to determine whether its black silicon and liquid phase deposition processes can help them reduce costs and improve performance of their solar products. Natcore CEO [...]

Cantech Letter talks to Chuck Provini, CEO of Natcore Technology

Natcore Technology CEO Chuck Provini: "As far as alternative energy, solar is the only alternative that actually works long term."

What’s the price of a litre of gas today? No really, it’s that much? The story of our energy consumption is a complex moving target. Hike the price at the pumps in April and you’ll see more SmartCars on the road by June, and a wind farm proposal somewhere will have just increased its chances [...]

Canada’s 10 Most Interesting Solar Stocks


For the better part of four decades, solar energy has come in and out of fashion, like skinny ties or flambé Crêpes Suzette. But lost in the boom and bust nature of funding for the nascent technology may be the fact that the industry has made consistent incremental improvements. In 2009, First Solar (NASD:FSLR) brought [...]

Natcore Technology: Next in Solar?


Natcore Technology: Next in Solar? by Danny Deadlock Investors in solar stocks know that, to date, the story of the industry has largely about government support. Without grants, feed in tariffs and tax breaks many producing solar panels and ancillary equipment simply would not exist today. The solar industry has a well documented history as [...]

Natcore winning over weary Canadian Solar investors


Shares of Natcore (TSXV:NXT) are on the move today after closing a private placement that injects some much needed working capital into the US based producer of solar cell equipment. Natcore will use the money for general working capital, but also to fund what it says are “requests for solar cell manufacturing facilities in the [...]