Ballard rises after getting bus fuel cell orders from China


Shares of Ballard Power (TSX:BLD) are on the rise today after the company received an order for eight of its FCvelocity-HD7 power modules for eight buses in China. “We are now beginning to see meaningful evidence of growing demand for clean energy mass transportation alternatives in China, including both buses and trams,” said CEO Randy […]

Vancouver Vows To Run On 100% Green Energy In Wake of Oil Spill

English Bay

While an oil spill spread across Vancouver’s English Bay, Vancouver deputy mayor Andrea Reimer, by a pure accident of timing, was in Seoul, Korea for the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), at which Vancouver pledged to run entirely on green energy sources by either 2030 or 2035, less than 20 years from now. […]

India Looks to Canada To Fuel Its Nuclear Power Ambitions


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will arrive in Canada next week, for a visit lasting from April 14-16, after touring both France and Germany. His priority on this trip is to foster economic ties and to develop energy partnerships, not least with Saskatoon’s Cameco Corp., the world’s third largest producer of uranium. In 2013, India […]

Ballard Power rises after fuel-cell tram demo in China


Shares of Ballard Power (TSX:BLD) are up today after the company reported it successfully demonstrated the world’s first fuel cell powered electric tram in China. Ballard says the demo took place in March at the head office of CSR Qingdao Sifang Co. and was attended by senior officials of the city of Foshan, which is […]

Epicore BioNetworks is a buy, says Cantor Fitzgerald Canada


Epicore BioNetworks (TSXV:EBN) has a credible plan to gain market share in a potentially massive market; the supply of sustainable sources of higher value proteins, says Cantor Fitzgerald Canada analyst Scott Curtis. In a research report to clients yesterday, Curtis initiated coverage of Epicore BioNetworks with a “Buy” rating and one year target of $1.65, […]

Alter NRG more than doubles on Harvest takeover

Alter NRG is the top gainer on the TSX Venture exchange today after the Alberta company announced the close of a $10-million financing.

Shares of Alter NRG (TSX:NRG) are racing today after the company announced it has agreed to be taken over by Harvest International New Energy Inc. Alter NRG’s board has unanimously approved the takeover, which is priced at $5.00 a share and values the company at about $147-million. The price is a 160% premium to the […]

Nano One Technologies CEO Dan Blondal talks to Cantech Letter

Nano One Technologies CEO Dan Blondal founded the company in 2011 after various roles at Fluor, Andronic Devices, Creo, Kodak, and alternative energy start-up General Fusion.

The battery conundrum. Why does everything in your life seem to get better, faster, and cheaper, but your iPhone still dies at 4pm? Batteries do not follow Moore’s Law, the observation from Intel co-founder Gordon Moore that the number of transistors on circuit doubles about every two years. The fact is, battery life has gradually […]

Does T. Boone Pickens really care about Canadians?

Pickens: "So, why is Obama so opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline? As my dad used to say, “Son, it’s kind of like murder. It’s tough to explain.”

“Pickensing”. Verb. pick·ens·ing :to issue an insincere, self-serving apology. Usage: “Dude, are you Pickensing me about being late for work?” The word “Pickensing” does not yet exist. But maybe someday soon it will progress into common usage, on a day when we need to describe a type of apology so arrogant and presumptuous it may […]