Ballard Power to help equip fuel cell powered soldiers


After spiking on a recent $80-million deal with Volkswagen, Ballard Power(TSX:BLD, Nasdaq, BLDP) is finding its fuel cell expertise is in demand for a range of applications. The company today announced it will provide expertise in proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology to Ardica Technologies and the other to “an unnamed global automotive OEM”. […]

Ballard Power soars on deal with Volkswagen

ballard volkswagen

Shares of Ballard Power (TSX:BLD) are up sharply today after announcing a (U.S.) $80-million intellectual property deal with Volkswagen. Under the terms of the deal, Ballard will transfer the fuel cell intellectual property assets it had acquired from United Technologies for a payment of $50-million. There is also a two year extension that is worth […]

ZENN Motor is at a “breakthrough” moment, says Paradigm Capital


Data released in December indicates that energy storage technology player EEStor’s composition modified barium titanate (CMBT) powder has the potential to be disruptive, and with a 71% interest in EEStor, ZENN Motor (TSXV:ZNN) is well positioned, says Paradigm Capital analyst J. Marvin Wolff. On Wednesday, ZENN reported its fourth quarter and fiscal 2014 results. The […]

Ballard Power falls after serious setback in Chinese market

Ballard Power today announced it has signed an agreement with Brazil's WEG Industries. John Sheridan, Ballard’s President and CEO said the agreement "...will be an important enabler for increased fuel cell product traction in the fast-growing Brazil market."

Ballard Power’s (TSX:BLD) attempts to crack the potentially lucrative Chinese market for hydrogen fuel cell buses and backup power were dealt a serious blow after the company today announced that its Chinese partner, Azure Hydrogen Energy Science and Technology, had breached previously announced contracts. The Vancouver-based cleantech says it will terminate contracts related to the […]

GreenPower Motor Company Chairman Fraser Atkinson talks to Cantech Letter

GreenPower 1

Economic sense, environmental sense. Are the two simply parallel lines? In the wake of B.C. Transit’s decision to ditch Whistler’s splashy hydrogen bus fleet at a fraction of its original cost, naysayers might feel emboldened in arguing for the affirmative. But the real answer is that alternative energy solutions are challenging their legacy incumbents across […]

The 10 Best Performing TSX Cleantech Stocks of 2014

The Catalyst Paper Mill in Poweel River, B.C. has a history that dates back more than a century. (Photo: Courtesy David Stanley, Flickr. )

It was a pretty bland year for cleantechs in Canada. The S&P/TSX Renewable Energy and Clean Technology Index ended pretty much where it began, and as of Friday, December 12th, the index contained just a single stock that had posted a triple digit gain, and that was just barely. A quarter of the way through […]

Would you buy a house near a wind farm?

A wind farm near Merlin, Ontario.

The question of whether wind farms affect the value of properties around them hasn’t exactly been a breeze to figure out. As wind energy makes an increasing contribution to the grid the issue has become a global one, but a new study from the University of Guelph published in the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics […]

Pure Technologies’ Oil and Gas Business Could be Transformed by HM Acquisition, says Mackie

Mackie Research Capital analyst Raveel Afzaal notes that Hunter McDonnell Pipeline Services has more than 200 clients and very little overlap with Pure Technologies' much smaller oil and gas client base. He believes that the pickup could prove transformative to Pure's oil and gas pipeline inspection business.

The acquisition of the oil and gas pipeline inspection services business and related assets of Hunter McDonnell Pipeline Services (HM) could be “transformative” for Pure Technologies’ (TSX:PUR) oil and gas business, says Mackie Research Capital analyst Raveel Afzaal. Last Friday, Pure Technologies announced it would acquire the oil and gas pipeline inspection services business and […]