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Calian Group is a Top Pick, says Echelon

Now’s the time for investors to take advantage of a stock that’s been unfairly punished over the past couple of months. Echelon Capital Markets analyst Amr Ezzat reported on Canadian tech name Calian Group (Calian Group Stock Quote, Charts, News,... Keep reading

Here’s why OpenText will bounce back
Wishpond Technologies is a clear double, says iA Capital
Stifel GMP Top Picks for Q4, 2022


Ayr Wellness has a 451 per cent upside, says ATB Capital

US cannabis seems like a perennially fraught space for investors to be wading into these days, but there are good... Read More

Akumin Akumin should hit $6.75/share, says Clarus

New results on an Alzheimer’s drug could mean more business for radiology and oncology company Akumin (Akumin Stock Quote, Charts,... Read More

Northstar Clean Technologies


Microbix has an upside of 136 per cent, Industrial Alliance says

A new development at Microbix Biosystems (Microbix Systems Stock Quote, Chart, News, Analysts, Financials TSX:MBX) has Industrial Alliance Securities analyst... Read More

We’re still bullish on Opsens, says Raymond James

With a healthy cash position and improving numbers, Raymond James analyst Rahul Sarugaser says he’s still very bullish on Opsens... Read More

Six Top Picks for your stock portfolio from iA Capital

It’s been a rough first half of the year but steely-eyed investors on the lookout for good ideas have a... Read More

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Cannabis Legalization Buy retail stocks over Canadian cannabis producers, ATB says

The industry is still finding its feet, now three years into legalized cannabis in Canada, and while licensed producers in... Read More

Jushi Jushi is my top cannabis pick, this investor says

It’s been a tough year on stocks across many sectors but the cannabis space has been a particular disappointment, with... Read More

Aurora Cannabis still a murky prospect, says ATB

After reviewing the company’s latest quarterly financials, ATB Capital Markets analyst Frederico Gomes has a bit better frame of mind... Read More


Telus Health
Buy Telus for the dividend, this investor says

It’s a hard market to figure out, with little indication of where best to park your money and inflation still... Read More

Northstar Clean Technologies scores big order

A great idea has become a real business for Northstar Clean Technologies (Northstar Clean Technologies Stock Quote, Chart, News, Financials... Read More

Innergex is a Strong Buy, says iA Capital

iA Capital Markets analyst Naji Baydoun likes where the prevailing winds are blowing for renewable power producer Innergex Renewable Energy... Read More

It’s time to buy Lightspeed, says iA Capital

Shares of Montreal-based payments company Lightspeed Commerce (Lightspeed Commerce Stock Quote, Charts, News, Analysts, Financials NYSE:LSPD) have been decimated over... Read More

First U.S. analyst launches coverage of WELL Health

Vancouver-based WELL Health Technologies (WELL Health Technologies Stock Quote, Charts, News, Analysts, Financials TSX:WELL) received its first coverage by a... Read More

Wishpond Technologies is trading at a steep discount, says iA Capital

Investment bankers iA Capital Markets initiated coverage on Canadian marketing tech company Wishpond Technologies (Wishpond Technologies Stock Quote, Charts, News,... Read More

Is Reliq Health a Buy right now?

These days, stocks across the board are under pressure and that includes names in the healthcare sector. And with the... Read More

ProMIS Neurosciences has a 313 per cent upside, says Leede Jones Gable

Leede Jones Gable analyst Douglas Loe provided an update on Wednesday on drug developer ProMIS Neurosciences (ProMIS Neurosciences Stock Quote,... Read More

TAAL Distributed is a buy in blockchain, says Leede Jones Gable

Leede Jones Gable launched coverage on Monday of Canadian blockchain company TAAL Distributed Information Technologies (TAAL Distributed Stock Quote, Charts,... Read More

Take a pass on Lightspeed Commerce, this investor says

The stock has been hammered over the past year but that’s not enough cause to put it on your shopping... Read More

Constellation Software
Here’s why Constellation Software is a Buy right now

Technology stocks may be bearing the brunt of this year’s market pullback but there are tech names that savvy investors... Read More

NervGen Pharma has potential revolutionary drug, says Paradigm

Even with a shake-up at the helm, it’s still full steam ahead for Canadian biopharmaceutical company NervGen Pharma (NervGen Pharma... Read More

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It’s hard to argue with success. All around, 2021 has been pretty outstanding for Canadian stocks,...

So you are a Canadian looking to put some money to work for yourself in the stock market. Or perhaps...