Hootsuite expands into second stunning, cabin-themed location

The sunken lounge at Hootsuite's second location, in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. (Photo courtesy Hootsuite).

A (non-functional) outhouse. Snowshoes on the wall. Rooms named after local mountains and ski hills. The rapidly expanding social media stalwart Hootsuite today unveiled its second location, located just a couple blocks from its first, in Vancouver’s newly-tony Mount Pleasant district. The decor continues the cabin theme the company used to great effect in its [...]

Prairie Empire: How GasBuddy Built a Big Data Mobile Tech Pioneer In Regina

One of GasBuddy's billboards in downtown Regina.

Today, probably the greatest puzzle that new tech companies have to unravel if they want to survive is how to navigate the intersection of 1) Big Data, 2) user engagement and 3) mobile technology. That is the Holy Grail quest that determines whether most new businesses fail or succeed. Companies located in the tech hotbeds [...]

The Rise of Unbounce: A Conversation with CEO Rick Perreault

Unbounce's Montreal team having a meeting with colleagues at head office in Vancouver

A day after chatting on the phone with Unbounce CEO Rick Perreault in his office in Vancouver, I dropped by the company’s newly opened Montreal office to find Unbounce marketing director Georgiana Laudi gesturing towards two air conditioning units still sitting on the floor, not even removed from their boxes, immediately in advance of a [...]

Vancouver Film Distribution Platform Reelhouse Sees Future in Viewer Engagement


Vancouver digital film distributor Reelhouse has just unveiled a suite of new features for its platform, including flexible payment systems, improved product bundling, greater content control, and discount offers to special audience groups. In conversation with Cantech Letter, Reelhouse founder and CEO William Mainguy said, “We’re building our features to appeal to the majority of [...]

Cantech Letter talks to Apivio Systems CEO Rob Bakshi

Rob Bakshi

The encore. What happens when you are successful enough to have sold your company for a truckload of cash but too young to retire? When Rob Bakshi sold Vancouver-based CCTV firm Silent Witness to Honeywell in 2003 for $90-million, he was just 44 years old. For Bakshi, who made his way from rural India when [...]

Canada’s new anti-spam law is horribly drafted, says MacMillan’s Murphy

"Be afraid. Be very afraid," of Canada's new anti-spam law, says MacMillan Chief Marketing Partner and former Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, Tim Murphy.

Canada’s new anti-spam law is “one of the most horribly named pieces of legislation” and could become a nightmare for legitimate businesses, says one expert. MacMillan Chief Marketing Partner and former Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, Tim Murphy, was on BNN’s “Business Day” Friday to talk about Canada’s new anti-spam legislation, which takes [...]

Is video game journalism headed for its own Payola-style scandal?


Globe and Mail tech writer Peter Nowak was on Jesse Brown’s CanadaLand podcast recently to talk about the corrupt, insular world of video game journalism. It’s one that bears more than a passing resemblance to the world of radio before the U.S. Senate began investigating DJ Alan Freed, in 1959. But video game are kids [...]

EnWave co-CEO and Chairman Dr. Tim Durance talks to Cantech Letter

tim durance

Google search. The smartphone. The driverless car. The best of technology not only changes the way we do something forever, it makes what we did before seem instantly archaic. Anyone want to go back to hunting for a payphone, or using AltaVista or Webcrawler? The way we taste, smell and derive nutrition from dried foods [...]

Tata Communications Sets Design Challenge at C2MTL


One of the more interesting corners of the C2MTL conference this past week was occupied by “The Future of Collaboration Design Challenge” sponsored by Tata Communications, who asked five teams, with three designers on each team, to re-imagine how people will work together. There’s probably no single area of work life that more needs a [...]

Avigilon CEO Alexander Fernandes answers six tough questions


The tough questions began at about six in the morning, eastern time, on May 7th, just a few hours after the announcement. What does this mean? Why now? Is there more to follow? The press release was from Vancouver’s Avigilon and the news was that its CFO, Brad Bardua was leaving the company for health [...]