Immunovaccine CEO Marc Mansour talks to Cantech Letter

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The news from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria and now Senegal is not good. The World Health Organization now believes the worst outbreak of Ebola ever, which has already killed more than 1500, could eventually infect as many as 20,000 people. The crisis has sent governments worldwide scrambling for potential treatments. Earlier this month, B.C.-based […]

Can Hootsuite continue to attract talent to pricy Vancouver?

British Columbia has the highest cost of living in Canada. Can the Hootsuite continue to compete on the international stage for talent?

Steep rents and the highest cost of living in the country don’t seem like much of an impediment to Vancouver’s Hootsuite attracting talent from its own back yard. The company’s semi-annual job fair, HootHire, took place yesterday at the company’s recently opened second location and attracted about 1000 people looking to snag an estimated 100 […]

A Mission to End Illiteracy: An Interview With Charlottetown’s Ooka Island


Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island’s Ooka Island is on a mission to eradicate illiteracy. Their early literacy software, aimed at children ages three to seven, is adaptive, analyzing students’ data as they make their way through the game-like program, helping to identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to customize each student’s experience for maximum effect. […]

BuildDirect founders celebrate Friendship Day with tale of perseverance

Booth: ""Your best friend will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear."

Ahead of International Friendship Day, which takes place this Sunday, the co-founders of BuildDirect recently shared the story of how their bond got them through difficult times, on their way to becoming one of Canada’s most celebrated technology companies. To the casual observer Vancouver-based BuildDirect, which in January raised $30-million in Series B financing in […]

Hootsuite expands into second stunning, cabin-themed location

The sunken lounge at Hootsuite's second location, in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. (Photo courtesy Hootsuite).

A (non-functional) outhouse. Snowshoes on the wall. Rooms named after local mountains and ski hills. The rapidly expanding social media stalwart Hootsuite today unveiled its second location, located just a couple blocks from its first, in Vancouver’s newly-tony Mount Pleasant district. The decor continues the cabin theme the company used to great effect in its […]

Vancouver Film Distribution Platform Reelhouse Sees Future in Viewer Engagement


Vancouver digital film distributor Reelhouse has just unveiled a suite of new features for its platform, including flexible payment systems, improved product bundling, greater content control, and discount offers to special audience groups. In conversation with Cantech Letter, Reelhouse founder and CEO William Mainguy said, “We’re building our features to appeal to the majority of […]