5 Questions With Sean Thompson of Ramsey Lake Pharmaceutical Corp

Ramsey Lake Pharmaceutical Corp. CEO Sean Thompson

Sudbury-based Ramsey Lake Pharmaceutical Corp. has been working to bring to market a promising cancer-fighting drug developed over the past seven years by Dr. Hoyun Lee and his research team at the Advanced Medical Research Institute of Canada. Having applied for a patent for their flagship anti-cancer drug, Ramsey Lake Pharma is in the process […]

5 Questions With David Hall of RepliCel Life Sciences

RepliCel CEO David Hall

Vancouver-based RepliCel Life Sciences (TSXV:RP) concentrated on hair regeneration until 2011, participating in the $3 billion annual male pattern baldness industry. But when the far-reaching effects of its solution became apparent to its founders, RepliCel began expanding its offer to apply the technique of using cell therapy to encourage the healing of damaged or injured […]

FICO Discusses How Big Data Converges With Daily Life


As the drum beat for Big Data has droned on the last few years, what has become increasingly obvious is that effectively extracting actionable intelligence out of incomprehensibly huge streams of data is almost prohibitively difficult. Given the novelty of the term Big Data, you’d think it was brand new. But insurance companies, the banking […]

Vision Critical CEO Miller hints at IPO

Vision Critical CEO Scott Miller on BNN, January 24.

The hugely successful IPO of Shopify may soon be followed by another highly anticipated tech from the west coast. Scott Miller, CEO of Vision Critical was on BNN Wednesday and hinted that an IPO might be on the horizon for the company, which has passed $100-million in annual revenue. Vision Critical has raised money with […]

PlentyofFish CEO Markus Frind talks about how the site got to $100-million in revenue


“By the time they showed up I had millions in the bank account!” PlentyofFish founder and CEO Markus Frind was at the Traction Conference in Vancouver yesterday and the details of his improbable story of bootstrapping one of the world’s most popular dating sites elicited roars of approval from a boisterous crowd of growth hackers, […]

Listen to Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes interviewed at Vancouver’s Traction Conference

ryan holmes3

If you are a software company, this is the best time ever to raise money. That’s according to Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes, who spoke today at the Traction Conference in Vancouver. The forty-year old Holmes, whose tidy beard now sports flecks of grey, referred to himself as “Grandpa Holmes” when he talked about the differences […]

BDC CEO Jean-René Halde Unveils Advantage, Talks Innovation at C2MTL

BDC President and CEO Jean-René Halde at C2MTL

On the same day that BDC president and CEO Jean-René Halde appeared at C2MTL to deliver a talk called “Fueling Canada’s Competitiveness Through Its High Impact Firms”, BDC released a paper on that subject and also announced the creation of BDC Advantage, a program designed to identify and help those “high impact” firms. These are […]

Disruptive Technology: Deloitte Canada Chief Innovation Officer Terry Stuart Talks to Cantech Letter


Deloitte Canada Chief Innovation Officer Terry Stuart began his presentation from the main stage at C2MTL this morning with the endearing story of a milk cow named Crystal, who simultaneously ended his boyhood dreams of becoming a dairy farmer by kicking him across a barn and, more luckily, sent him down the path of helping […]

For SAP Canada COO Leagh Turner Tech Workplace Diversity Is Personal

Joining SAP as an account executive in 2008, Leagh Turner brings a long history of thinking about customer engagement to her current role as Chief Operating Officer in the Toronto office. Today, SAP is facing the same challenges as every other technology company in the world, with globalization dictating the need for a company’s workforce […]

Gender and cultural discrimination in the workplace: SAP looks to remove it

GIRLsmarts program at UBC

The tech sector on the one hand represents a force for progressive society-wide change and disruption. Legacy companies are frequently portrayed as dinosaurs who aren’t agile enough to cope with the disruptive energy bubbling up through the relentless innovation of start-up culture. On the other hand, start-up culture looks a lot like a retrograde monoculture, […]