Zaio CEO David King talks to Cantech Letter

Zaio CEO David King.

The information advantage. In an age when big data is tossed about as the solution to most every business problem that arises, many are finding that the interpretation and application of data is of at least equal importance. Founded in 2004, Calgary-based Zaio (TSXV:ZAO) looked to disrupt the real estate valuation industry with a sophisticated […]

Canada’s risk capital will soon pivot to tech, say StableView’s Fisher

Fisher: “Most of our risk capital is focused on punching holes in the ground. We haven’t quite figured out how to get into the technology space and our risk capital hasn’t quite pivoted there yet."

Canadian investors as a whole are on the verge of discovering technology, says one portfolio manager. Colin Fisher, Portfolio Manager and President of StableView Asset Management was on BNN this morning to talk about the emergence of technology in the Canadian capital markets. Fisher says the sector rotation from mining and metals to innovation is […]

Nano One Technologies CEO Dan Blondal talks to Cantech Letter

Nano One Technologies CEO Dan Blondal founded the company in 2011 after various roles at Fluor, Andronic Devices, Creo, Kodak, and alternative energy start-up General Fusion.

The battery conundrum. Why does everything in your life seem to get better, faster, and cheaper, but your iPhone still dies at 4pm? Batteries do not follow Moore’s Law, the observation from Intel co-founder Gordon Moore that the number of transistors on circuit doubles about every two years. The fact is, battery life has gradually […]

SoMedia Networks CEO George Fleming talks to Cantech Letter

SoMedia Networks co-CEOs George Fleming and Ben Pickering.

To say that the digital video space is in its infancy sounds illogical. Hasn’t YouTube been around for more than a decade? Indeed, the world’s most popular video-sharing site celebrated its tenth birthday in February of this year. Watching YouTube on a mobile device, however, is a relatively new experience. And mobile, together with programmatic […]

Sport Testing Inc. Poised For Growth By Developing the SAT of Sports


Toronto-based Sport Testing Inc. has taken an early lead in the field of establishing benchmark physical testing standards for professional athletes, while plans to grow into other markets and verticals seem inevitable as the company continues to define its business. Talking with Jamie Hollins, the company’s co-founder, what’s apparent is that Sport Testing has established […]

Descartes could transition to larger acquisitions, says CEO Ed Ryan

Descartes CEO Ed Ryan.

Waterloo’s Descartes Systems Group (TSX:DSG, Nasdaq:DSGX) is a serial acquirer of smaller companies, but the firm could soon make a big pickup, says its CEO. Ed Ryan, CEO of Descartes Systems Group was on BNN yesterday to talk about the company’s fiscal 2015 and beyond. On Thursday, Descartes reported its fiscal 2015 results. The company […]

Payfirma CEO Michael Gokturk talks to Cantech Letter

michael gokturk

Mention the payments space to the average tech enthusiast and you’ll get a range of current touchpoints. There’s PayPal, the Elon Musk-led digital wallet that introduced your grandmother to banking without paper or plastic. There’s Square, which co-founded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. And, of course, there’s the ambitious undertaking that is Apple Pay. Despite […]

DHX Media defends Teletubbies remake

DHX Media CEO Dana Landry: From or perspective, what we're really looking forward to is reintroducing this brand to a whole new number of fans."

The creator of the classic children’s show Teletubbies might not agree, but the remake is legit, says the Canadian company that has rebooted the program. DHX Media (TSX:DHX) CEO Dana Landry was on BNN today to talk about a quarter that saw the Halifax-based company’s revenue rise 112% to $64.25-million. Landry says that one of […]

Vancouver is Canada’s tech hotspot, says Difference Capital’s Liston

Difference Capital Managing Director Tom Liston

Difference Capital’s Managing Director Tom Liston, interviewed on BNN, discussed the plight of investors searching for bright spots in Canada’s economy as oil prices tank and the resource sector experiences a post-boom hangover. Mentioning OpenText, CGI and Catamaran, who have hit all-time highs during the last five years, Liston points out that from 2003 to […]

TECSYS CEO Peter Brereton talks to Cantech Letter

TECSYS CEO Peter Brereton.

Mention the name TECSYS (TSX:TCS) to a casual observer and the image of a warehouse might spring to their mind. While the more than three-decades old company is indeed known to those who deal in pallet jacks and container tilters and trans-stackers, TECSYS was never really about any particular setting. The company is, in fact, […]