BDC CEO Jean-René Halde Unveils Advantage, Talks Innovation at C2MTL

BDC President and CEO Jean-René Halde at C2MTL

On the same day that BDC president and CEO Jean-René Halde appeared at C2MTL to deliver a talk called “Fueling Canada’s Competitiveness Through Its High Impact Firms”, BDC released a paper on that subject and also announced the creation of BDC Advantage, a program designed to identify and help those “high impact” firms. These are […]

Deloitte Canada Chief Innovation Officer Terry Stuart Brings Message of Disruption to C2MTL


Deloitte Canada Chief Innovation Officer Terry Stuart began his presentation from the main stage at C2MTL this morning with the endearing story of a milk cow named Crystal, who simultaneously ended his boyhood dreams of becoming a dairy farmer by kicking him across a barn and, more luckily, sending him down the path of helping […]

For SAP Canada COO Leagh Turner Tech Workplace Diversity Is Personal

Joining SAP as an account executive in 2008, Leagh Turner brings a long history of thinking about customer engagement to her current role as Chief Operating Officer in the Toronto office. Today, SAP is facing the same challenges as every other technology company in the world, with globalization dictating the need for a company’s workforce […]

SAP Moves To Implement Tech Workplace Diversity Across Global Operations

GIRLsmarts program at UBC

The tech sector on the one hand represents a force for progressive society-wide change and disruption. Legacy companies are frequently portrayed as dinosaurs who aren’t agile enough to cope with the disruptive energy bubbling up through the relentless innovation of start-up culture. On the other hand, start-up culture looks a lot like a retrograde monoculture, […]

Data Deposit Box President & COO Troy Cheeseman talks to Cantech Letter


Security breaches happen so often that they barely register with us anymore. Credit card information stolen at Target or Home Depot, the twenty-million names, government security numbers, phone numbers and credit cards stolen last year South Korea, the huge cyberattack on eBay; these are events we now brush off as though they are boy band […]

Zaio CEO David King talks to Cantech Letter

Zaio CEO David King.

The information advantage. In an age when big data is tossed about as the solution to most every business problem that arises, many are finding that the interpretation and application of data is of at least equal importance. Founded in 2004, Calgary-based Zaio (TSXV:ZAO) looked to disrupt the real estate valuation industry with a sophisticated […]

Canada’s risk capital will soon pivot to tech, say StableView’s Fisher

Fisher: “Most of our risk capital is focused on punching holes in the ground. We haven’t quite figured out how to get into the technology space and our risk capital hasn’t quite pivoted there yet."

Canadian investors as a whole are on the verge of discovering technology, says one portfolio manager. Colin Fisher, Portfolio Manager and President of StableView Asset Management was on BNN this morning to talk about the emergence of technology in the Canadian capital markets. Fisher says the sector rotation from mining and metals to innovation is […]

Nano One Technologies CEO Dan Blondal talks to Cantech Letter

Nano One Technologies CEO Dan Blondal founded the company in 2011 after various roles at Fluor, Andronic Devices, Creo, Kodak, and alternative energy start-up General Fusion.

The battery conundrum. Why does everything in your life seem to get better, faster, and cheaper, but your iPhone still dies at 4pm? Batteries do not follow Moore’s Law, the observation from Intel co-founder Gordon Moore that the number of transistors on circuit doubles about every two years. The fact is, battery life has gradually […]

SoMedia Networks CEO George Fleming talks to Cantech Letter

SoMedia Networks co-CEOs George Fleming and Ben Pickering.

To say that the digital video space is in its infancy sounds illogical. Hasn’t YouTube been around for more than a decade? Indeed, the world’s most popular video-sharing site celebrated its tenth birthday in February of this year. Watching YouTube on a mobile device, however, is a relatively new experience. And mobile, together with programmatic […]