Tinkerine Studios, Canada’s first 3D printing stock, talks to Cantech Letter

Tinkerine Studios CFO Martin Burian and CEO Eugene Suyu in Vancouver April 11. 2014.

Top down investing can be hard. It’s one thing to identify a theme to that may dominate business in the years to come, quite another to figure out which companies will reap the anticipated reward. 3D printing is a process that has been around for years, but has only just captured the imagination of the [...]

Theralase CEO Roger White talks to Cantech Letter

White: "The Theralase PDCs work by destroying only the cancerous tissue and leaving healthy tissue intact. This is why the Theralase anti-cancer technology can be a game changer and disruptive in the war against cancer."

While most of our lives are touched by it, we all know progress in fighting cancer is frustratingly slow. Worldwide, there are 386,000 new cases of bladder cancer diagnosed annually. Yet the standard of care has remained unchanged more than a decade and a half, and no new drugs have been approved for the disease [...]

Stableview’s Ron Shuttleworth and Colin Fisher talk tech investing

Shuttleworth: "Multiples are still below those prior to the recession and nowhere near where they were during the tech bubble."

How should Canadians approach the public markets in 2014? After a more than decade run in mining and metals, many are without doubt finding that terms like “core sample” “proven and probable” and “grade per tonne” aren’t associated with winning stocks much anymore. The sector rotation to innovation has been essentially an orderly one, but [...]

Dragons Den’s Bruce Croxon: Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone

Bruce Croxon in Vancouver, March 11th 2014.

“Before I take your questions, I will answer the question I get asked most often about Dragons Den and get that out of the way. The answer is yes, he’s an asshole in real life, too.” Dragon and Lavalife co-founder Bruce Croxon was in Vancouver Tuesday as the guest of U.K business software giant Sage [...]

Art Students Proving Central To The Development of Vancouver’s Knowledge Economy

Recent Emily Carr grads Vince Lo and Alvin Kwanhave developed an app called Commute. A recent partnership between Emily Carr University’s Social + Interactive (SIM) Centre partnered with Vancouver start-up incubator GrowLab reflects the importance of design thinking in modern business.

Since last year, in Vancouver at least, important alliances have been made between the nascent companies taking part in early-stage development programs and art students. It’s a partnership that, on the face of it, pairs historically antagonistic groups (artists and businesspeople), but accompanies a significant shift in the business-world rhetoric of the last couple of [...]

CGI Group CEO Michael Roach talks to Cantech Letter

Roach on Healthcare.gov "We believe that CGI’s role and the facts surrounding this historical and complex initiative will become clear in the fullness of time."

One of the eternal frustrations with the media business is that a salacious scoop gets page one, and the retraction correcting all the things wrong with it comes a week later, on page 56. Sizzle sells. The facts? Sometimes not so much. Late last year, Montreal’s CGI Group (TSX:GIB.A) became embroiled in the fallout around [...]

“Anne of Japan”: The Story of a Struggling Kickstarter Campaign


“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” – from “Worstward Ho” by Samuel Beckett It’s difficult to imagine that Samuel Beckett would be entirely pleased that a morsel snatched from one of his long, typically difficult prose pieces has become a T-shirt slogan for Silicon Valley types, with “Fail better” [...]

Absolute Software is more relevant than ever, says interim CEO Errol Olsen

Olsen on Absolute Software's regime change: "It's not about changing the way we do everything. IIt's about building on the momentum we already have."

The company may have just celebrated its twentieth birthday, but Absolute Software’s (TSX:ABT) interim CEO Errol Olsen says the Vancouver-based security player is looking ahead, not back. “We’re better positioned and more relevant than we have ever been,” says Olsen. “Over the past 20 years we have focused on two aspects of technology; mobility and [...]

Vision Critical Ready For Its Close-Up: A Conversation with founder Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid Vision Critical

At the Cantech Investment Conference last month in Toronto, OMERS Ventures CEO John Ruffolo identified five Canadian companies that he felt were ready to IPO. Four of those companies have already attracted a healthy dose of press attention, owing to the relative sexiness of shopping (Shopify), social media (HootSuite), video (Vidyard) and educational software (Desire2Learn) [...]

Mobile Tech’s Impact On Travel Retail Yet To Come, Says GuestLogix

GuestLogix, a Canadian provider of onboard retail technology, has just released a report called “Ready For Departure: Mobile, Retail and Technology’s Impact On Airline Revenues in 2014”.

Air travel has changed, in the span of a single generation, from an event for which family members used to dress slightly better than usual, because they were about to fly on an airplane, into a tedious process distinguished mainly by boredom, humiliation and squalor. If there is one aspect of modern life that might [...]