TECSYS CEO Peter Brereton talks to Cantech Letter

TECSYS CEO Peter Brereton.

Mention the name TECSYS (TSX:TCS) to a casual observer and the image of a warehouse might spring to their mind. While the more than three-decades old company is indeed known to those who deal in pallet jacks and container tilters and trans-stackers, TECSYS was never really about any particular setting. The company is, in fact, […]

Miraculins President and CEO Christopher Moreau talks to Cantech Letter

Miraculins President and CEO Christopher Moreau

We are constantly and correctly reminded that early screening for a variety of diseases and conditions can drastically increase our chances of beating them. Yet for a myriad of problems, many of us end up simply avoiding the doctor’s office. We are too tired. We hate needles. And we’re probably fine, right? What if the […]

GreenPower Motor Company Chairman Fraser Atkinson talks to Cantech Letter

GreenPower 1

Economic sense, environmental sense. Are the two simply parallel lines? In the wake of B.C. Transit’s decision to ditch Whistler’s splashy hydrogen bus fleet at a fraction of its original cost, naysayers might feel emboldened in arguing for the affirmative. But the real answer is that alternative energy solutions are challenging their legacy incumbents across […]

Against “Mickey Mouse” Data Security: Privacy Analytics CEO Khaled El Emam Talks to Cantech Letter


Cantech Letter had the opportunity recently to speak to Khaled El Emam, founder and CEO of Privacy Analytics, an Ottawa-based provider of data anonymization software designed to allow companies dealing with large data sets to anonymize that data so as to effectively analyze and share it while also minimizing risk of that data being used […]

Wajam CEO Martin-Luc Archambault Talks New Investments, New Company SPOTR and the Montreal Tech Scene

Wajam CEO Martin-Luc Archambault

Wajam CEO Martin-Luc Archambault has become one of the Montreal tech ecosystem’s mainstays over the last few years, investing in early stage companies before they became big, such as PasswordBox, who were recently acquired to great fanfare by Intel Security, and Frank & Oak. Meanwhile, he’s also invested in plenty of less well-known companies, more […]

Tribute Pharmaceuticals CEO Rob Harris talks to Cantech Letter

Tribute Pharmaceuticals CEO Rob Harris.

Ask an investor to talk about life sciences stocks and it won’t be long before the word “risk” comes up. The popular conception of biotech is that every company is a swing-for-the-fences slugger burning through cash in a furious attempt at scoring the next home run drug. But modern business models are emerging that allow […]

Microsoft: 90% of Canadian execs don’t know what the cloud is

Microsoft Canada President Kennedy: "Would you rather have your money in a bank, or you would you rather have it under your mattress?"

We’ve always been known more for our banks and miners, but a new report from Microsoft Canada suggests Canadian business’s awareness of technology is downright bleak. Microsoft Canada President Janet Kennedy was on BNN’s “Business Day” this morning to talk about a study the company conducted of Canada’s C-Suite Executives. Kennedy says that while awareness […]

Tech IPOs in Canada? Really? Wildeboer Dellelce’s Rob Fonn talks funding options

rob fonn

It’s a curious time in the Canadian tech funding landscape. Most everyone involved in the Canadian technology scene would agree that the pool of privately listed companies is at least as strong as those that are already public. Many think of stalwarts Hootsuite, Shopify and Desire2Learn as falling into this category. But there is another […]

Elastic Path CEO Harry Chemko hints at IPO

Elastic Path CEO Harry Chemko on BNN October 16, 2014.

The marketing budgets of the future will be driven by millennials who have are used to a more personal experience than their predecessors, says one expert. Harry Chemko, ‎co-founder and CEO of Vancouver-based ecommerce company Elastic Path Software was on BNN’s “Business Day” today to talk about how the role the company fills in the […]