BlackBerry not vulnerable to Heartbleed, Google says some Android devices are

blackberry security

In the time since the iPhone was released in 2007, BlackBerry’s superior security has always been an advantage the company has had trouble capitalizing on. The company’s perceived irrelevance has opened the door for Samsung and Apple to dominate the smartphone space. But Heartbleed, a software bug in the open-source cryptography library OpenSSL, might give [...]

BlackBerry’s Chen: “There are so many things that need to be fixed”

Chen: "I can assure you, for me, it's not a religion. It's business."

He may be promoting devices intended to connect people in the most modern ways possible, but when it comes to his customers it’s clear new BlackBerry boss John Chen likes the old fashioned, face to face approach. “I am living hotel to hotel to hotel, it is like packing and unpacking, packing and unpacking,” he [...]

BlackBerry CEO Chen is prepping company for sale, says Cormark

Cormark analyst Richard Tse notes that BlackBerry's margins increased after outsourcing its hardware manufacturing to Taiwan's Foxconn.

Since taking the helm at BlackBerry (TSX:BB), CEO John Chen has sold assets, divested of hardware, and focused on the enterprise and software aspects of BlackBerry’s business. All these actions point to one intended result, says Cormark. “We continue to believe John Chen is taking BlackBerry into the direction for an eventual sale,” offered analyst [...]

Will BlackBerry Messenger become Candy Crush or Farmville?

BlackBerrry will have to measure its foray into the sale of virtual goods more carefully than its competitors.

BlackBerry (TSX:BB) today announced a plan to monetize its BlackBerry Messenger service by debuting BBM Shop, which will sell downloadable “virtual goods” such as the stickers they unveiled last month. Perhaps anticipating a backlash from staid corporate users, whom the company cannot afford to alienate right now, BlackBerry immediately moved to allay any concerns that [...]

Should you play the BlackBerry sentiment trade?

Cormark analyst Richard Tse today raised his price target and rating on BlackBerry.

Is BlackBerry (TSX:BB) a potentially profitable trade? Absolutely. Is the company a good long term investment? The jury is still out, says Cormark analyst Richard Tse. Tse says BlackBerry’s platform transition is still an uphill battle, and the prospects of a real turnaround are a mere glimmer on the horizon. He says the Waterloo-based company [...]

What’s BBM Worth? Shares of BlackBerry spike after Facebook buys WhatsApp


The news and the number both came as shockers. Today, after market close, Facebook said it would pay $19-billion for messaging company WhatsApp. The deal will, without doubt, bring increased attention upon the increasingly crowded social messaging space. Indeed the reaction was almost instant. Shares of BlackBerry have risen nearly 8% in the after market. [...]

“Head for the exit” on BlackBerry after BBM bail, says expert

"BBM is the only reason for anyone to buy a Blackberry device and now that all the people who use it will not be catered for, the decline will be short and sharp," says Windsor.

It may have been regarded by some as “too little, too late,” but BlackBerry had been pinning a lot of hope on its popular BBM messenging service going cross-platform. One expert, however, says the recent resignation of BlackBerry Executive Vice President Andrew Bocking is as “good as a death sentence” for BBM and will hasten [...]

Happy Holidays? Prem Watsa bought a million dollars worth of BlackBerry on Christmas Eve

Prem Watsa.

This week, it was widely reported that BlackBerry co-founder Mike Lazaridis took the historic step of selling sold 3.5 million shares of the company for proceeds of approximately $27.4 million, leaving him with just a 4.99 percent stake in the Waterloo-based device maker, down from 5.7%. It was historic because Lazaridis’s actions left him just [...]

Cormark: Here’s how BlackBerry can get to 77% gross margins

Cormark analyst Richard Tse says BlackBerry appears to be “outsourcing” its hardware business to Taiwanese manufacturing giant Foxconn. That's a good thing for the Waterloo-based company's margins, he says.

New CEO John Chen is painting a promising outlook for BlackBerry, one in which profitability will return in fiscal 2016. While Cormark analyst Richard Tse says his numbers don’t quite line up the same way, he believes there is reason for optimism by simply scraping the surface of BlackBerry’s most recent quarterly report. Last Friday, [...]

Even a “hard pivot” won’t turn BlackBerry around quickly, says Cormark

Cormark analyst Richard Tse says the fact that new BlackBerry CEO John Chen has yet to articulate a going-forward strategy doesn't take away from the fact that there are few options available to it.

BlackBerry’s unrelenting series of new lows is expected to extend tomorrow, when the company will report its third quarter earnings. The street consensus is that the Waterloo-based company will lose $0.41 a share, and that revenue will fall 42% to $1.59-billion. Cormark analyst Richard Tse thinks the quarter will be even worse; he expects BlackBerry [...]