I laughed when I first saw the BlackBerry Passport, says reviewer

IB Times writer Anthony Cuthbertson says the BlackBerry Passport may be the device that lures back those who have strayed from BlackBerry's fold.

The unorthodox BlackBerry Passport is garnering some genuinely positive reviews, even from those who were at first a little weirded out by the form factor. “I laughed when I first saw the BlackBerry Passport,” said IB Times columnist Anthony Cuthbertson recently. “…but after a few days with the device I’ve actually warmed to it.” Cuthbertson […]

BlackBerry touts celebrity adoption of Passport

Canadian tennis star Milos Raonic and his BlackBerry Passport.

Since the introduction of the iPhone, in 2007, BlackBerry sales have fallen to the point where the company has become a niche player in the global smartphone market. But you might have a hard time convincing the paparazzi of that fact. One stronghold the Canadian company enjoys is use among celebrities, who perhaps want to […]

BlackBerry responds to Apple Pay by enhancing BBM mobile payments

Perhaps sensing an opportunity from Apple's recent security gaffes, BlackBerry today unveiled a series of new initiatives designed to enhance the mobile payment capabilities for BlackBerry Messenger users.

Are Apple’s security woes an opening for BlackBerry? While Apple maintains the hacking scandal that resulted in nude pics of celebrities including Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence had nothing to do with the security of its iCloud platform, the event could not have been more ill-timed. Days later, the tech giant unveiled a new mobile […]

BlackBerry shares rise on Movirtu acquisition

London-based Movirtu enables multiple phone numbers to be active from one device.

Shares of BlackBerry (TSX:BB) are up today after the company announced it had acquired Movirtu, an English company that enables multiple phone numbers to be active from one device. The company, which was founded in 2008, says its solution solves the problem of ownership in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world by assigning a […]

BlackBerry who? Engadget pines for device with futuristic features BlackBerry already has

Engadget's Lee: "What we need, then, is an equivalent universal inbox for messaging. No, not just for all your email and text messages. For everything. We need a smart inbox that'll sort messages by service, label them appropriately and will let you continue conversations within just one app."

It must be frustrating days for BlackBerry’s marketing team. The company’s new phones get hammered for features they don’t have (thousands of mostly pointless apps) and overlooked for those they do (flash enabled browser). But yesterday, a new article from a leading tech site, Engadget, probably has a few people scratching their heads in Waterloo. […]

BlackBerry takes aim at Apple’s spam problem

A spammer only needs to create a dummy email account, and then hack into the iMessage database to message anyone with your iMessage details (such as Apple ID or phone number)"

Since the launch of the iPhone, in 2007, the media has reported on breach after breach after breach of its security, which some claim is actually non-existent. This failing would seem to be a logical target for the Cupertino company’s rivals and indeed Canada’s BlackBrry has repeatedly looked to leverage its own security, which many […]