How a BlackBerry that doesn’t make phones would work

BlackBerry CEO John Chen says his phone isn't ringing with offers to buy the company.

A widely reported item this week was BlackBerry (TSX:BB, TSE:BB, Nasdaq:BBRY) CEO John Chen’s admission that the Canadian company could get out of the smartphone business entirely. In an interview with Bloomberg, Chen said that at very least the company will stop trying to compete at the low end of the market. “It’ll be a […]

BlackBerry could spend a half-billion to compete in Internet of Things, says Cormark

BlackBerry Q10. (Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns).

BlackBerry (TSX:BB, Nasdaq:BBRY) is one of many companies looking to win in the Internet of Things space, but acquisitions could hasten its progress, says Cormark analyst Richard Tse. Tse spent time recently with BlackBerry CFO James Yersh. He says the meetings were quite timely, with the company’s Q1, 2016 results just in the rearview mirror […]

A smaller, software focused BlackBerry is likely to succeed, says Cormark

blackberry z10 and q10

Cormark analyst Richard Tse thinks the various strains of BlackBerry’s (TSX:BB, Nasdaq:BBRY) software business will collectively result in a revamped but smaller player that has a good chance of dominating certain niches. Yesterday, BlackBerry reported its Q1, 2016 results. The company earned (U.S.) $68-million on revenue of $658-million. The company’s revenue from software and technology […]

BlackBerry hardware will soon contribute less than 5% to its absolute gross margins, says Cormark

Cormark analyst Richard Tse thinks that by the second half of 2016 hardware will contribute less than 5% to BlackBerry’s absolute gross margin.

Cormark analyst Richard Tse says hardware is well on its way to becoming a non-factor for BlackBerry (TSX:BB, Nasdaq:BBRY), and its pivot to software could be accelerated by acquisitions. On Tuesday, June 23, before market open, BlackBerry will report its Q1, 2016 results. Tse thinks the company will post adjusted EPS of $0.00 on revenue […]

Mark Zuckerberg is no smarter than Canadian entrepreneurs, says Jim Balsillie

Balsillie: "I have a real issue on sending our great entrepreneurs into battle under resourced and under supported and nothing bothers me more than those that have not fulfilled their public policy obligations, blaming entrepreneurs for an absence of fire in the belly,"

“These guys are no smarter or better than our people”. Former BlackBerry co-CEO Jim Balsillie was at Toronto’s Empire Club Tuesday alongside Sean Silcoff and Jacquie McNish, authors of “Losing the Signal: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of BlackBerry”, a book that provides unprecedented insight into the demise of BlackBerry’s hardware business following the release […]

Is BlackBerry the best way to play the connected car space?


The connected cars space, which Gartner says will grow almost 21 times as fast as mobile voice and data services, is going to be lucrative for someone. But how should investors approach it? As it turns out; with caution. Connected cars right now are on the difficult part of the “S Curve” of adoption. Pretty […]

BlackBerry stirs nationalism debate in Ontario Legislature

Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris.

“If he’s upset because he can’t get Snapchat on his BlackBerry, frankly he can get his own device and pay for it with his own money.” Those were the words of Conservative Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris yesterday, after a petition circled the Ontario legislature that would allow for members to be issued smartphones other than […]