Why investors should ignore the BlackBerry Oslo


The device leak has become part of internet culture. An iPhone haphazardly left in a booth at a restaurant in Cupertino? Scoop. A blurry image of the new Samsung Galaxy that originates from a website in Taiwan? Viral. We have come to expect these sneak peeks of devices. We might even suspect that companies encourage […]

BlackBerry Passport, once called an “ugly duckling”, wins posh design award

With the Passport, BlackBerry, under the quietly impressive reigns of new leader John Chen, zigged where it used to zag.

It was derided as “wide and unwieldy”, as looking like a “giant square drink coaster” and as an “ugly duckling”, but BlackBerry may be having the last laugh over would-be style aficionados. The BlackBerry Passport has won one of the world’s most prestigious design awards, the Red Dot Award for product design. “The BlackBerry Design […]

BlackBerry is making progress despite “ugly” hardware numbers, says Cormark

BlackBerry Q10. (Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns).

Despite some “ugly” hardware numbers, BlackBerry (TSX:BB) is showing some encouraging signs in its move to an enterprise/software focused business model, says Cormark analyst Richard Tse. On Friday, BlackBerry released its fourth quarter and fiscal 2015 results. In the fourth quarter, the company posted non-GAAP earnings of $0.04 on revenue of $660-million. The topline fell […]

BlackBerry Says World Leaders Can Trust Its Security

President Barack Obama, sporting his BlackBerry, talks with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Senior Advisor David Axelrod, Senior Advisor during the flight to Caen, France June 6, 2009.

In an article for Politco yesterday, reporter Joe Marks looked at whether Hillary Clinton’s Blackberry was more or less secure than her colleagues in government, concluding that it was probably the latter. BlackBerry has always touted that its devices offer more security straight out of the box than rivals such as Apple, but the article […]

With Amazon deal, BlackBerry finally solves its app problem

amazon blackberry

The latest update to BlackBerry 10 looks to solve one of the biggest criticisms of the family of smartphones: that they don’t have enough apps. BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3.1, which began rolling out last Thursday, includes access to the Amazon Appstore, after the two companies struck a deal last June. Launched on March 22, 2011, […]

Almost no one on Wall Street is now betting against BlackBerry

blackberry text

The number of investors who are betting against BlackBerry (TSX:BB, Nasdaq:BBRY) is falling. As of the end of January, short interest on BlackBerry fell below 100-million shares for the first time since last November. The short position on the stock on January 30th was 97,681,923, down from 125,367,832 two weeks earlier. The numbers may be […]

BlackBerry Patents may be Lucrative to Samsung

blackberry patent

The Financial Post Wednesday reported that Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is still pursuing a purchase of BlackBerry Ltd. BlackBerry has flirted with the idea of possibly selling a portion of its patents in recent years; however, an outright sale would be an interesting option for the company. Presumably, Samsung could build on BlackBerry’s extensive patented […]