BBC’s Top Gear coming to Canada

Top Gear hosts Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson.

One of the most popular TV shows in the world is coming to Canada. The Penticton Herald is reporting that the Okanagan Film Commission confirmed that the wildly popular BBC program “Top Gear” will be filming at off-road locations in the South Okanagan in late November. Hosts Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson will […]

Japan’s Economy and the Adult Diaper Problem

The Japanese adult diaper market is growing at as much as 10% per year, and is expected to pass the baby diaper market by 2020. "Japan simply hasn’t had that many laborers to put back to work," says Marginal Revolution's Tyler Cowen.

The big economic news this week was the surprise that Japan’s economy contracted 1.6% in the quarter ended September, against earlier forecasts that it would rise by 2.1%. The development is widely expected to lead to a a snap election and the delay of a sales tax increase that was scheduled for 2015. The situation […]

Toronto’s Chango Takes Top Spot on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 List

Chango CEO Chris Sukornyk

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Program list was released the other day, detailing a resilient and growing tech sector from coast to coast, with Toronto’s Chango taking the top spot. Deloitte compiles its list of companies with revenue higher than $5 million from Canada’s tech sector, based on highest percentage revenue growth over five years. […]

Why Virtual Reality Will Break Out in 2015

Cosmopolis (2005), Maurice Benayoun's Giant Virtual Reality Interactive Installation.

OVERVIEW: Virtual Reality (VR) is about to become mainstream and could be a $7 billion market by 2018. Numerous head-mounted displays are in development (but not commercially available) with Facebook’s Oculus, Samsung, and Sony leading the pack, and Nintendo not far behind. If Samsung’s Gear VR remains wireless, it could dominate the mobile gaming space […]

The Geek’s Reading List; Week of November 7th 2014

Piccioni: "The main drawback to Android is its architectural diversification, which makes development more challenging. Ultimately, that is also its strength: backing a single horse only works when that horse wins. Eventually developers will realize this."

This was a comparatively busy week for tech news. Despite a couple of launch failures – and one death – in the private space business, none the of the related articles were particularly noteworthy. Of all things, Hewlett-Packard generated some level of interest in a couple of apparently transformational products and there was a fair […]

Sierra Wireless hits decade-long high after strong Q3

sierra wireless

Shares of Sierra Wireless (TSX:SW, Nasdaq:SWIR) are higher than they have been since 2004 today after the B.C.-based company reported a strong Q3 and guidance that suggests its fortunes may get even better. In the third quarter, Sierra Wireless lost $2.9-million on revenue of $143.3-million, a topline that was up 27.6% over the same period […]

The Geek’s Reading List: Week of October 31st 2014

Piccioni: "I believe the odds of Apple's system being successful are next to zero."

Surprisingly, there were lots of interesting tech pieces this week, though no theme emerged. The Internet was in a virtual frenzy over developments, or rather lack of developments, with Apple’s mobile payment system, which I believe is doomed to failure. There were a number of developments in networking and computing technology as well as further […]

The Counterfeiting Conundrum: How Technology Will Slam the Scam

Peasgood: "From fake handbags to fake MBAs to even faking your own death with a fake death certificate to cash in an insurance plan, counterfeiting has wormed its way into every aspect of our lives".

Counterfeiting is a high-margin $654 billion growth industry largely run by criminal organizations that have few disincentives to stop. Anti-counterfeiting laws and punishment are non-existent in many jurisdictions, leaving the responsibility of abating the flow of fakes to enterprises. Legacy anti-counterfeiting technologies, such as barcodes and holograms, can be duplicated. However, a new generation of […]