Telus To Install Mobile Device Chargers in Taxis

Toronto taxi driver Angelo Georgilas: “I am asked multiple times every day by customers if I can charge their phone for them."

Telus, in partnership with Play Taxi Media, has signed an agreement with several cab companies in four Canadian cities through 2015 to install phone chargers in at least 1,000 taxicabs. Recognizing that phones tend to die during inconvenient moments, the telecom giant hopes to alleviate a little of that anxiety. “From the late-night crowd trying [...]

The surprising economic origins of Safeway’s name

Safeway is a product of fiscally conservative thinking that was not exactly in abundance in the years before the Great Depression.

Walk into most any Safeway store today and you can pay for your groceries by tapping or swiping your Visa or Mastercard. But if you do, did you know you are disregarding the intent of the company’s name? Yep, that’s right. Safeway, which was founded in 1912 by Sam Seelig who started with a single [...]

Where do Canadian Growth Stocks go From Here?

EPC Chart

Growth and Operating Company share prices continued to move higher in the first quarter with the Euro Pacific Canada (EPC) Operating Company Index up almost 8% while the EPC Gross Margin Model (“GMM”) Index gained over 12%. This performance follows tremendous runs for our indexes in 2013 – 45% for the EPC Operating Company Index [...]

Box Prepares for its IPO With a Trove of Pending Patent Applications

Box CEO Aaron Levie. Box has fewer patents than its competitor Dropbox, but dwarfs its competitor in patent applications

Box, Inc.’s S-1 filing for its IPO was released last week. Envision IP reviewed the filing to understand how Box has protected its technology, and how its patent portfolio compares against its peers. Box states in its S-1 that “[a]s of January 31, 2014, we had four issued U.S. patents….and we had 80 pending patent [...]

Canada’s Five Most Interesting Social Media Companies

Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes and Mika, at the company's Vancouver headquarters.

Social media has become the new normal. Do you remember what using the internet was like before Facebook or Twitter? Me neither. It seems amazing that the former will only celebrate its tenth birthday this coming summer. The way things are shaping up, it seems likely that we’ll look back five years from now and [...]

It’s unlikely that Wi-Fi is making us sick, concludes Royal Society of Canada

Royal Society of Canada: ""There is a consensus among these major international reviews that there is no conclusive and strong evidence that exposure to low levels of electromagnetic radiation as stated by the current guidelines would pose any risk of adverse outcomes to humans."

Our increased exposure to electromagnetic frequencies from the recent proliferation of things like wireless local area networks, wireless technologies and smart meters is most likely at safe levels, says The Royal Society of Canada. In a 165 page report prepared for Health Canada entitled “A Review of Safety Code 6 (2013): Health Canada’s Safety Limits [...]

Art Mesher joins board of Difference Capital

During Mesher's tenure with the company, Descartes Systems Group's market cap rose from under $100-million to nearly a billion

Difference Capital (TSX:DCF) today announced that former Descartes CEO Art Mesher will join its board. Cantech Letter caught up with Mesher this morning and asked for his thoughts on joining the publicly traded merchant bank. “I believe there is a strong need for a research driven merchant bank with advisory services focused on thematic investing [...]

Ten Canadian Tech Analysts Share Their Current Favourite Stock

Espial Group President Jason Dolvaine. In an anonymous poll, two analysts selected Espial as their current favourite Canadian technology stock.

Are there bargains to be had in the tech sector? “Yes, if you know where to look,” was the answer we got from Stableview Capital Partners’ Ron Shuttleworth recently. Shuttleworth, who recently left the sell side to join Colin Fisher in a new hedge fund that will focus on technology, acknowledged that increased liquidity “has [...]

TSX looks to innovate with Ignite and Private Market Initiatives

The TSX today debuted TSX Ignite, a national program dedicated to the growth and development of Canadian companies.

Faced with increased competition, Canada’s largest stock market is responding with innovation. The TSX today debuted TSX Ignite, a national program dedicated to the growth and development of Canadian companies, with a primary focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. The program, explains the TSX, provides companies and entrepreneurs with tools and resources to help them [...]

Up in Smoke: Canadian Marijuana Use by Province

marijuana use by province resized

A slate of publicly listed Canadian marijuana companies will likely test the waters in Canada in the coming months, led by the pending listing of of Tweed Marijuana, which raised $30-million through an RTO last week. Tweed is one of twelve companies that earned a license to grow medical marijuana through Health Canada. It will [...]