The Geek’s Reading List: Week of October 17th, 2014

Piccioni: "Xiaomi's profit formula is the opposite of Apple’s, which collects its highest profits with the introduction of each model and needs to come up with new model after new model to keep those margins up.”

This has been another very slow tech news week. The big news was multiple announcements of “breakthroughs” in fusion research. Unfortunately, the “breakthroughs” which were announced did not include the fusion reactor producing more energy than they consumed, which is actually the only thing which matters. Also of note was the release of some Apple […]

The single biggest difference between the Canadian and American tech scenes

The American technology scene is presided over by consumer facing companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Facebook. They dominate headlines and are what most people immmediately think of when they think of tech. In Canada, to an almost complete degree, our best tech companies are enterprise facing; they work behind the scenes and are better known to businesses.

“I don’t pay much attention to them, to be honest.” This nimble response to an audience question about Facebook at an investor gathering some months ago in Vancouver laid plain a simple fact that many might not realize about the Canadian technology scene. The speaker was a friend, Ron Shuttleworth, who watched the tech scene […]

Postmedia now has just one-tenth the online audience of BuzzFeed

Postmedia CEO Godfrey: "We need this scale and, of course, time to compete with the giant, foreign-owned, digital-only companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter."

Yesterday, PostMedia (TSX:PNC.B) shook up the Canadian media landscape after it announced that it had made a deal with Quebecor Media (TSX:QBR.B) to acquire all of Sun Media’s 175 English-language newspapers and digital properties for $316-million. The assets include papers such as The Toronto Sun, The Ottawa Sun, The Winnipeg Sun, 24 Hours (Toronto and […]

Difference Capital invests in Hootsuite

Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes: "The OMERS investment took decreased execution risk and allowed us to remain developing product vs focusing on exit, which is what is best for our team, and our users. We’ve been able to continue releasing new features, apps, and partnerships since. "

Difference Capital (TSX:DCF) has placed a bet on Vancouver social media heavyweight Hootsuite. The investment was confirmed today by tweets sent from the account of Difference Capital Managing Partner Tom Liston. The undisclosed amount of money was part of a the company’s recent $60-million financing, which is believed to be led by Boston-based Fidelity, described […]

Five Interesting New Tech Stocks on the TSX Venture Exchange

Slyce, which went public through a reverse merger with Oculus Ventures this past summer, is the second notable firm out of Cameron Chell's Calgary's Calgary-based Business Instincts Group, which also spawned Urthecast.

An IPO isn’t the only way to go public. While we wait, fingers-crossed, for the dam to burst on Canada’s tech IPO scene, unveiling the Hootsuites and Shopifys and Desire2Learns to the world, a number of interesting companies have been trickling into the market, mostly in the form of CPCs and Qualifying Transactions. These aren’t, […]

The Geek’s Reading List; September 19th Edition

Piccioni: "Mark 2014 as the year Apple invented musical malware."

This has been a relatively quiet week for technology as most of the coverage was driven by Apple’s marketing efforts to convince people of unprecedented demand for its latest products. There were a few setbacks in the world of “alternate energy”, however, those are to be expected. Topical trends include autonomous (“self-driving”) vehicles and 3D […]

Difference Capital leads first tranche of $12-million Series D in Carta Worldwide

Carta Worldwide CTO Rui Mendes talks to CBC about the company's move to PEI.

Just in time for the launch of Apple’s entry into the mobile payment space, Apple Pay, Carta Worldwide has closed the first tranche of a $12-million Series D. Led by Toronto-based merchant bank Difference Capital and DC Thomson (UK), the $7-million investment will add to the more than $50-million the company has invested in its […]