The Geek’s Reading List: Week of October 31st 2014

Piccioni: "I believe the odds of Apple's system being successful are next to zero."

Surprisingly, there were lots of interesting tech pieces this week, though no theme emerged. The Internet was in a virtual frenzy over developments, or rather lack of developments, with Apple’s mobile payment system, which I believe is doomed to failure. There were a number of developments in networking and computing technology as well as further […]

The Counterfeiting Conundrum: How Technology Will Slam the Scam

Peasgood: "From fake handbags to fake MBAs to even faking your own death with a fake death certificate to cash in an insurance plan, counterfeiting has wormed its way into every aspect of our lives".

Counterfeiting is a high-margin $654 billion growth industry largely run by criminal organizations that have few disincentives to stop. Anti-counterfeiting laws and punishment are non-existent in many jurisdictions, leaving the responsibility of abating the flow of fakes to enterprises. Legacy anti-counterfeiting technologies, such as barcodes and holograms, can be duplicated. However, a new generation of […]

The Geek’s Reading List: Week of October 24th, 2014

Piccioni: "I find the fact Google has selected Power8 as a processor intriguing, however, it is worth recalling that IBM has “opened” its Power architecture, meaning that many of the variants can be manufactured by whoever wants to make them. Of course, this may simply be a gambit by Google to get Intel to drops its prices."

This has been yet another slow tech news week. There were a few apparent medical breakthroughs announced, which is good, and the usual litany of bitcoin ripoffs (its seems fools, and libertarians, are easily separated from their funny money). Otherwise, news is just a hodgepodge of mostly unrelated items. This Google Motherboard Means Trouble for […]

The Geek’s Reading List: Week of October 17th, 2014

Piccioni: "Xiaomi's profit formula is the opposite of Apple’s, which collects its highest profits with the introduction of each model and needs to come up with new model after new model to keep those margins up.”

This has been another very slow tech news week. The big news was multiple announcements of “breakthroughs” in fusion research. Unfortunately, the “breakthroughs” which were announced did not include the fusion reactor producing more energy than they consumed, which is actually the only thing which matters. Also of note was the release of some Apple […]

The single biggest difference between the Canadian and American tech scenes

The American technology scene is presided over by consumer facing companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Facebook. They dominate headlines and are what most people immmediately think of when they think of tech. In Canada, to an almost complete degree, our best tech companies are enterprise facing; they work behind the scenes and are better known to businesses.

“I don’t pay much attention to them, to be honest.” This nimble response to an audience question about Facebook at an investor gathering some months ago in Vancouver laid plain a simple fact that many might not realize about the Canadian technology scene. The speaker was a friend, Ron Shuttleworth, who watched the tech scene […]

Postmedia now has just one-tenth the online audience of BuzzFeed

Postmedia CEO Godfrey: "We need this scale and, of course, time to compete with the giant, foreign-owned, digital-only companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter."

Yesterday, PostMedia (TSX:PNC.B) shook up the Canadian media landscape after it announced that it had made a deal with Quebecor Media (TSX:QBR.B) to acquire all of Sun Media’s 175 English-language newspapers and digital properties for $316-million. The assets include papers such as The Toronto Sun, The Ottawa Sun, The Winnipeg Sun, 24 Hours (Toronto and […]