Is 30 the new 20 for Descartes Systems?

Art Mesher, CEO of Descartes Systems.

Descartes Systems (TSX:DSG), the Waterloo based logistics tech provider, turns thirty this year. In 1981, the year the company arrived on the scene, IBM released its first personal computer and Sony introduced 3 1/2″ floppy drives and diskettes. More recent trends in technology, such as a move towards real time tracking and automation in supply […]

An interview with Mosaid President and CEO John Lindgren


In January, Cantech Letter looked back at the Canadian tech stocks that had an exceptional 2010, capped off by the selection Glentel as Canadian Tech Stock of the Year and Mark Thierer of SXC Health as Canadian Tech Stock Exec of the Year. This month we look forward. No we don’t have a crystal ball, but we have selected what we believe to be ten of the most compelling Canadian tech stocks at critical inflection points in their journey. Some of the names are established companies with long histories that may be subtly changing or sharpening their focus. Others are smaller, but have grabbed a foothold and are looking to accelerate their already impressive growth. These companies run the gamut from RNA interference to dehydration technologies, to next-generation GPS.

5 Hot Tech Trends for 2011 (And the Canadian Stocks that Could Benefit)

What will the future of technology hold for the year

The editors of Cantech Letter don’t have access to a time machine. And, as far as we know neither do the editors of Computerworld, The Gartner Group, CNET, or Duncan Stewart from Deloitte and Touche, who just hosted that company’s 10th annual “Predictions” event on a cross Canada tour. We do, however, put some faith […]

Cantech Letter interviews Johann Tergesen, President & COO of Burcon NutraScience

Johann Tergesen, President and CEO of Burcon Nutrascience

To date, Vancouver’s Burcon Nutrascience has not produced revenue, yet the company commands a market cap of nearly $300 million. The reason? Burcon has already become a world leader in a space that seems to have few limits to its size. Burcon owns 127 patents around the extraction and purification of protein from plants. Many […]

Cantech Letter interviews John McNicol, President and co-CEO of EnWave


Everywhere you look, food is news. From the government of Algeria increasing wheat supplies after food riots, to food price inflation in India deterring foreign investors to the suicide of a Tunisian fruit seller sparking a revolution. When you can offer tangible improvements to a business that might be the most important on the planet, […]

Cantech Letter interviews Steven Koles, President and CEO of Hemisphere GPS


Calgary’s Hemisphere GPS, is taking GPS to the next level. That level is the business world, where Hemisphere products help excavators, hydrographic surveyers, even snow grooming operators become more efficient. But it’s in agriculture where the company is seeing the greatest impact. In November, Hemisphere GPS reported the best third quarter in its history. The […]

CGI Group’s big bet on the US… Perfect Timing?


Midway through 2010, Canada’s largest IT stock, CGI Group (TSX:GIB.A), completed the largest acquisition in its history, insisting that the price for Stanley, an Arlington, Virginia based systems integrator, was right. Early in 2011, gathering evidence suggests the acquisition may have been perfectly timed, too. CGI was founded in Montreal in that city’s Olympic Year […]

Labopharm shareholders hoping Twice is Nice


Shareholders of Laval, Quebec’s Labopharm (TSX:DDS) have had a tough few years. Shares of the pharmaceutical company, which specializes in control-release technologies, soared to over (US) $9 in 2006 as the company entered the once daily tramadol market. Tramadol is opioid analgesic, and is used in treating moderate to severe pain. The drug was developed […]

Natcore winning over weary Canadian Solar investors


Shares of Natcore (TSXV:NXT) are on the move today after closing a private placement that injects some much needed working capital into the US based producer of solar cell equipment. Natcore will use the money for general working capital, but also to fund what it says are “requests for solar cell manufacturing facilities in the […]