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Louise Blouin net worth, listed

Louise Blouin Net Worth

Louise Blouin is a French-Canadian entrepreneur and art collector who made her fortune in the publishing industry. Blouin was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1951 and began her career in the fashion industry before moving into publishing in the 1980s. According to sources, Louise Blouin’s net worth is $1.8-billion.

In 1985, Blouin founded the fashion and lifestyle magazine, “Viva”, which quickly became a success in Canada and was later launched in the United States. In 1990, she sold Viva to Rogers Communications for a reported $6 million.

Blouin later launched several other successful magazines, including “Art + Auction”, “Modern Painters”, and “Culture + Travel”, which focused on the arts and cultural events. In 2003, she founded Louise Blouin Media, a media company that specialized in art, culture, and lifestyle content.

Blouin’s media empire quickly grew, and she acquired several other publications, including “” and “Art + China”, as well as several prestigious art publications in Europe. Blouin also became a prominent figure in the art world, using her wealth to build an extensive art collection and supporting various cultural institutions.

Today, some consider Blouin an influential figures in the art world, and her media empire remains a significant player in the global art market.

But according to Bloomberg, Blouin has a troubled history.

“Blouin achieved some fame in the early 2000s, when—armed with a fortune reported at several hundred million dollars derived from a classified advertising company—she created an art publishing empire,” Bloomberg reported. “She acquired Art + Action, Modern Painters, and Spoon, eventually incorporating her last name into several of the titles. She opened an art foundation and regularly appeared at benefits and social events in Europe and the US. Blouin was dogged by lawsuits that alleged she didn’t pay employees, and the New York Post dubbed her “the Red Queen,” both for her penchant for wearing red and, the paper alleged, her propensity to fire people.”

Blouin is best known for her art publishing ventures and social presence, but has become known as well because she faced legal challenges and had her Southampton properties, “La Dune”, undergo price fluctuations and rental listings before selling at a massive discount to what was originally asked. Despite these issues, the properties, located on prestigious Gin Lane and featuring extensive amenities, remain coveted in the Hamptons’ high-end market. The necessity for auction was partly to resolve financial encumbrances, reflecting both the properties’ desirability and the complexities of high-value real estate dealings.

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