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The richest people in Hamilton, listed

Fortunes have been made in Hamilton through a range of industries and ventures. The city’s history in the steel industry has played a significant role, with companies like Stelco and Dofasco driving economic growth and creating wealth. Manufacturing, innovation, and entrepreneurship in sectors such as automotive, consumer goods, and technology have also contributed to wealth creation. Real estate and development have been lucrative fields, with investors and developers capitalizing on the city’s growth and revitalization. Hamilton’s healthcare and educational institutions have attracted successful professionals, allowing them to build wealth and contribute to these sectors. The entrepreneurial ecosystem in the city has fostered the growth of small businesses across various industries, while investments and finance have provided avenues for wealth accumulation. Overall, a combination of industry expertise, strategic investments, and entrepreneurial spirit has played a role in the fortunes made in Hamilton.

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Darko Vranich

Darko Vranich is a Canadian businessman and real estate developer based in Hamilton, Ontario. He is a member of the Vranich family, which is known for its involvement in various business ventures and development projects in Hamilton.

Darko Vranich has been involved in the real estate industry for several decades and has played a significant role in shaping the landscape of the city. He has been involved in the development and management of numerous commercial and residential properties, including shopping centers, office buildings, and residential complexes.

One notable project associated with Darko Vranich is the redevelopment of Jackson Square, a prominent shopping center in downtown Hamilton. He has been involved in revitalizing the complex and transforming it into a modern and vibrant space.

Darko Vranich’s contributions to the community extend beyond his real estate ventures. He has been actively involved in supporting local initiatives and philanthropic endeavors, working towards the betterment of the Hamilton community.

While Darko Vranich is recognized for his accomplishments in the real estate sector and his contributions to Hamilton, it’s important to note that specific details and ongoing developments may be subject to change. For the most up-to-date information on Darko Vranich and his activities, it’s recommended to refer to reliable sources or local news outlets.

The Mercanti Family

Carmen’s Group is a well-known hospitality and entertainment company based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It was founded by the Mercanti family and has become a prominent player in the local business scene. Carmen’s Group operates various businesses and venues in the hospitality and entertainment sectors, including:

  1. Carmen’s Banquet Centre: Carmen’s Banquet Centre is a renowned event and wedding venue known for its elegant banquet halls and exceptional catering services. It hosts a wide range of events, including weddings, corporate functions, and social gatherings.
  2. The Best Western Premier C Hotel: The C Hotel is a boutique-style hotel owned and operated by Carmen’s Group. It offers upscale accommodations, amenities, and personalized services for both leisure and business travelers.
  3. The Lakeview: The Lakeview is a waterfront event venue owned by Carmen’s Group. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, it provides a picturesque setting for weddings, conferences, and other special occasions.
  4. Baci Ristorante: Baci Ristorante is an Italian restaurant operated by Carmen’s Group. It offers a diverse menu of Italian cuisine, including pasta dishes, pizzas, and seafood, in an inviting and stylish atmosphere.

Carmen’s Group has earned a reputation for its commitment to quality, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service. It has become a trusted name in the hospitality and entertainment industry in Hamilton and continues to contribute to the city’s vibrant cultural scene.

Charles and Margaret Juravinski

Charles Juravinski (November 1, 1929 – February 15, 2022) was a prominent Canadian businessman and philanthropist. He was best known as the founder and owner of Flamboro Downs racetrack and, along with his wife Margaret, the co-benefactor of the Juravinski Hospital and Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton, Ontario.

Early Life: Charles Juravinski, originally named Orest Juravinski, was born on November 1, 1929, in Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan. He was the youngest of four sons in the family. When he was a child, his family relocated to Hamilton, Ontario, to pursue job opportunities. During his youth, Juravinski held various jobs, including shining shoes and delivering newspapers. He attended Cathedral High School but dropped out at the age of sixteen. He then worked in factories and as a mortar mixer before eventually running an Esso gas station.

Career: After saving money from his work at the gas station, Juravinski joined Piggott Construction. He also took classes to familiarize himself with blueprint reading. In 1958, he partnered with Bill McCann to establish Wilchar Construction, which they operated until McCann retired in 1971.

Following an unsuccessful attempt at a political career, Juravinski ventured into horse racing based on the advice of a local politician. Instead of constructing a racetrack at Ancaster fairgrounds, Juravinski chose to build Flamboro Downs from scratch in Flamborough, Ontario. The project, undertaken with John Grant, cost $5 million. Flamboro Downs opened in 1975 and quickly gained success, hosting prestigious racing events like the Confederation Cup Pace. Juravinski eventually bought out Grant’s share of the racetrack and managed it with his wife, Margaret. In 2002, they sold Flamboro Downs to Magna Entertainment for $72 million and retired.

Philanthropy: After retiring, Charles and Margaret Juravinski became notable philanthropists. They made significant donations to the City of Hamilton and McMaster University, with a focus on cancer care and healthcare. Their contributions led to the establishment of the Juravinski Hospital, a state-of-the-art cancer care facility, and the Juravinski Research Institute (JRI), a partnership between McMaster, Hamilton Health Sciences, and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.

The Juravinskis donated $100 million in 2019, one of the largest legacy gifts in Canada, to establish the JRI. On Valentine’s Day 2022, a day before Charles’s death, they made their final joint donation of $5.1 million to the JRI to support research in child and youth health, integrated care, and burn trauma.

Michael DeGroote

Michael George DeGroote OC (August 13, 1933 – September 12, 2022) was a prominent Canadian businessman and philanthropist. Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, he later resided in Bermuda. DeGroote is best known for his successful business career and his significant contributions to education through philanthropy.

Born on August 13, 1933, in West Flanders, Belgium, Michael DeGroote immigrated to Canada with his family in 1948. At the age of 14, he left school to work in the tobacco fields near Tillsonburg, Ontario, to support his family. Demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit, he purchased an old army truck at 18 and used it to transport manure to the fields.

In 1959, DeGroote acquired Laidlaw Transport Ltd., a small trucking company based in Hagersville, Ontario. Under his leadership, the company expanded beyond trucking and diversified into the solid waste and school bus industries. Through strategic growth, Laidlaw became the largest school bus company and the third-largest waste management company in North America. DeGroote’s business acumen and leadership propelled the company to success.

In addition to his business ventures, DeGroote made headlines as the owner of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, a Canadian Football League team. He acquired the team in 1974 and sold it four years later, leaving a lasting mark on the franchise.

Philanthropy: Throughout his life, Michael DeGroote demonstrated a deep commitment to giving back. He became widely known for his significant philanthropic contributions to education. His generosity benefited several educational institutions, particularly McMaster University, McMaster University Medical School, and Hillfield Strathallan College. DeGroote’s philanthropic endeavors aimed to enhance educational opportunities and support the advancement of knowledge and research.

David Braley

David Braley (May 31, 1941 – October 26, 2020) was a Canadian businessman and philanthropist. He was a prominent figure in Canadian sports, particularly in the Canadian Football League (CFL). Here are some key points about David Braley:

Business Career: David Braley had a successful career as a businessman. He was involved in various industries, including insurance, real estate, and manufacturing. He owned multiple companies, including Orlick Industries, a leading automotive parts manufacturer, and Braley & Graham, an insurance brokerage firm.

Sports Ownership: Braley had a significant impact on Canadian sports, particularly in the CFL. He became known as one of the most influential and dedicated owners in the league’s history. He first entered the CFL as the owner of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 1989. During his ownership, the team experienced success and won the Grey Cup in 1999.

Braley later became the owner of the BC Lions in 1997 and played a crucial role in stabilizing the franchise. Under his ownership, the Lions won multiple Grey Cup championships, including victories in 2000, 2006, and 2011.

Contributions to the CFL: David Braley was a passionate advocate for the CFL and made significant contributions to the league beyond his ownership roles. He served as the interim commissioner of the CFL in 2002 and played a key role in guiding the league during a critical period.

Braley was also known for his financial support of the CFL. He provided financial assistance to struggling teams and was committed to ensuring the long-term viability and success of the league.

Philanthropy: In addition to his business and sports endeavors, David Braley was known for his philanthropy. He made generous donations to various charitable causes and organizations, including healthcare and education initiatives. His philanthropic contributions had a positive impact on communities across Canada.

Legacy: David Braley left a lasting legacy in Canadian sports and business. He was widely respected for his dedication to the CFL and his contributions to the teams he owned. His impact extended beyond the field, as he played a significant role in shaping the future of the league. Braley’s philanthropy and business success further solidified his reputation as a respected and influential figure in Canada.

Michael Lee-Chin

Michael Lee-Chin is a Jamaican-Canadian businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He is best known as the founder and Chairman of Portland Holdings Inc., a private investment company, and as the former Chairman of National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB), one of the largest financial institutions in Jamaica. Here are some key points about Michael Lee-Chin:

Michael Lee-Chin was born on January 3, 1951, in Port Antonio, Jamaica. He grew up in a working-class family and faced financial challenges during his upbringing. Lee-Chin attended Titchfield High School in Jamaica and later pursued higher education in Canada. He earned a degree in Civil Engineering from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

After completing his studies, Lee-Chin started his career as a road engineer. However, he soon transitioned into the world of business and finance. In the 1980s, he established his investment company, Portland Holdings Inc., which focused on diverse sectors such as telecommunications, media, tourism, and financial services.

Lee-Chin’s most notable business success came through his involvement with National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB). In the late 1990s, he led a group of investors in acquiring a majority stake in NCB, which was facing financial difficulties at the time. Under his leadership, NCB underwent a significant turnaround, becoming one of the leading financial institutions in the Caribbean.

Michael Lee-Chin is also known for his philanthropic efforts and contributions to various causes. He has made substantial donations to educational institutions, including McMaster University, where he established the Michael Lee-Chin & Family Institute for Strategic Business Studies.

Lee-Chin’s achievements have been widely recognized. In 2010, he was appointed to the Order of Jamaica, the country’s fifth-highest honor, for his contributions to business and philanthropy. He has also received numerous awards and accolades for his business acumen and philanthropic endeavors.

As a successful investor and businessman, Michael Lee-Chin has amassed significant personal wealth. He has been featured on Forbes’ list of billionaires and has been recognized as one of the wealthiest individuals in Canada. Lee-Chin’s financial success has allowed him to pursue philanthropy and support causes that align with his values.


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