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Electronic moose call: where to buy the best

Electronic moose call

An electronic moose call is a device that mimics the sounds made by a moose to attract or communicate with other moose. It is designed to replicate the various vocalizations of moose, such as grunts, roars, or bellows, in an electronic format.

Electronic moose calls typically consist of a portable handheld device or a speaker that emits the recorded or digitally produced moose sounds. They are often used by hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, or photographers to attract moose for hunting purposes or wildlife observation.

The electronic moose call is operated by the user who activates the device to emit the desired moose sounds. By imitating the natural calls of moose, it can potentially attract moose in the vicinity, as they may perceive the calls as signals from other moose, triggering their curiosity or territorial instincts.

It’s important to note that the use of electronic moose calls may be subject to regulations and restrictions depending on the specific jurisdiction and hunting regulations. Hunters should always familiarize themselves with local laws and guidelines before using electronic calling devices or engaging in hunting activities

What are the best brands of electronic moose calls?

There are several brands that manufacture electronic moose calls. Here are a few well-known brands in the field:

  1. Cass Creek: Cass Creek produces electronic game calls, including models designed specifically for moose calling. They offer handheld electronic callers with pre-recorded moose sounds that can be played with the push of a button.
  2. Primos Hunting: Primos Hunting is a popular brand that offers a range of hunting products, including electronic game calls. They have electronic callers designed for various game species, including moose. These devices often feature realistic moose sounds and advanced calling features.
  3. ICOtec: ICOtec specializes in electronic game calls and predator hunting equipment. While their primary focus is on predator calls, they also offer electronic callers that include moose sounds for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts.
  4. Foxpro: Foxpro is known for manufacturing high-quality electronic game calls. While their product lineup primarily focuses on predator hunting, they offer versatile electronic callers that can be used for a variety of game species, including moose.
  5. Western Rivers: Western Rivers is another brand that produces electronic game calls. While they primarily offer products for predator hunting, they may have models that include moose sounds or versatile calls suitable for attracting moose.

It’s worth noting that availability and specific models may vary over time, so it’s advisable to check with hunting equipment retailers or visit the official websites of these brands to explore their current product offerings and determine which electronic moose call best suits your needs.

Where can I buy one?

To purchase an electronic moose call in Canada, you have several options:

  1. Outdoor Specialty Stores: Visit outdoor specialty stores that cater to hunting, fishing, and outdoor enthusiasts. These stores often carry a variety of hunting equipment, including electronic game calls. Examples of such stores in Canada include Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, Wholesale Sports, and Canadian Tire.
  2. Hunting Supply Stores: Check with local hunting supply stores in your area. These stores specialize in hunting equipment and accessories, and they may carry electronic moose calls or be able to order them for you.
  3. Online Retailers: Explore online retailers that specialize in hunting equipment and outdoor gear. Websites like,, and offer a wide range of hunting products, including electronic game calls. You can browse their selections, read reviews, and make a purchase online.
  4. Local Classifieds or Hunting Forums: Check local classified ads or hunting forums where hunters and outdoor enthusiasts gather. Sometimes, individuals sell their used hunting equipment, including electronic game calls. Just ensure that any used equipment you consider purchasing is in good working condition.

Remember to verify local hunting regulations and obtain any necessary licenses or permits before engaging in hunting activities. Additionally, it’s a good practice to compare prices, read reviews, and research different models to find the electronic moose call that suits your requirements and preferences.


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