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Cockadoodles, an adult colouring book of penises, starts Indiegogo fundraiser


CockadoodlesThe adult colouring book phenomenon has added a significant new member, as a pair of Canadians have come up with the perfect gift for Christmas: a thick book full of penises!

“Cockadoodles: A VERY Adult Activity Book “is the brainchild of Connor and Chris from Niagara Falls, Ontario. They came up with the idea of creating an adult “activity” and colouring book that has a slight curve to the comedic side. Cockadoodles is what it promises to be: a book full of penises for you to colour, dick mazes, connect the dots, word find, and even penis crosswords, there are 32 images at the moment but have expressed interest in adding more girth to the book if it catches on.

The idea for the book came to life after Connor and Chris were joking around about how adult colouring books Cockadoodles didn’t consist of any adult content but were instead limited to boring pictures of flowers, Harry Potter, and nature. Before they knew it, they were researching and coming up with ideas for the ultimate book of penises. This reporter even tried googling “Adult colouring book” myself, and although there were some cool pictures, they were certainly right when they said there’s nothing “Adult” about it.

The Cockadoodles Indigogo.com fund-raising page cautions that “all images have been made safeish for work, Cockadoodles is a banana (but not nut) free product.”

Their fundraising page has multiple tiers of rewards:

• You can give them your tip for $1.

• For $5 you just get a teaser of Cockadoodles and receive 5 pages from the book via email which you can print off, colour, and pin on your fridge to impress your mother in law when she comes over.

• $15 gets you a copy shipped to your door before Christmas, but there are just 100 available.

• $18 is the same as above but no guarantee on when it gets to your door.

• $30 gets you two amazing books full of penises.

• For the price of $250 you get 20 copies of Cockadoodles shipped to your door (don’t laugh, 3 people have already claimed this tier).

Connor and Chris say the book has near-universal appeal; “Friends who like dicks, friend who don’t like dicks, bachelorette parties, dirty grandparents, people with a sense of humour, apology gift for people you’ve sent dick pics to, your office secret Santa, people without dicks, a friend who works on HR because they might need a laugh, and even people with dicks,” they suggest as a possible list of recipients.

It should also be noted that this book is not suitable for peoples under the age of 18, if that needed reminding.

For the project to go full swing at least $5000 needs to be raised, that’s a lot of penises, but the more money that’s raised the cheaper things get and they can begin adding in pages. Should the project not raise the $5000 amount they have said that they will still get your fantastic book to you one way or another. At the time of publication, Cockadoodles has raised $1,770 from 43 backers.

Below: Cockadoodles – A VERY Adult Activity Book

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