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Hootsuite integrates Microsoft’s CRM platform into dashboard


HootsuiteHootsuite has integrated with Microsoft, allowing users to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Yammer through their Hootsuite dashboard.

The integration facilitates the use of social content across an organization already used to using Microsoft products for social marketing, social selling, customer support or internal collaboration.

“Integrating Microsoft software enables Hootsuite customers to get the most out of social, from external customer interactions to internal collaboration,” said Hootsuite Chief Revenue Officer Steve Johnson. “We’re pleased to expand our relationship with Microsoft to offer solutions that will empower our customers’ success with social.”

As companies come to realize the importance of social engagement, both within their organizations and with the public, tools for optimizing social communication are suddenly finding dramatic uptake.

With the Microsoft integration, employees can add social data to their customer records within Microsoft Dynamics CRM to build individual profiles.

Employees can use SharePoint to share content across teams to resolve customer issues or share internal information.
For the purpose of identifying and creating leads, adding social information creates a much more holistic and richer profile of consumer behaviour.

Integration with Yammer allows company teams to collaborate in real time while engaging with consumers through social media.

“At Microsoft, we’re committed to providing the best-in-class platforms and productivity services,” said Microsoft Canada President Janet Kennedy. “We know that when businesses have access to products like Hootsuite and Microsoft, they can do amazing things. This in turn has the potential to empower change, and create a wave of innovation and growth.”


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