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Startup Open House to roll out across Canada

StartupOpenHouseThe third edition of Startup Open House will be taking place next Thursday October 29 at locations across Canada, including Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, with follow-up events taking place in Quebec City and the Waterloo region on November 5.

Three hundred startups participated in last year’s event split between Montreal and Toronto, drawing over 5,000 participants.

Tickets are free, but attendees are encouraged to register in advance on the Startup Open House website: http://www.startupopenhouse.com/

“It’s a unique event that connects many major players in Canadian tech. I’m excited to see our communities working together to showcase our collective achievements,” said Noah Redler, the Campus Director at the Notman House and the Montreal lead for Startup Canada. “If you’ve ever been curious to learn more about startups, to get a peek behind the curtain, I can’t think of a better opportunity to discover the space.”

Some of Canada’s biggest startup names will open their doors for the public to drop in, including Frank & Oak in Montreal, D2L in Waterloo, and 500px in Toronto.

Amaya Gaming will be an elite sponsor of the event, with MailChimp signed up as prestige sponsor and the cities of Montreal and Toronto and the Spiegel Sohmer law firm acting as support sponsors.

“The Canadian startup ecosystem continues to grow at an exceptional rate. I’m proud to have an event like Startup Open House here to help the public learn more about this thriving space and discover new opportunities,” said Satish Kanwar, Director of Product at Shopify and one of the lead organizers for Startup Open House in Toronto.

Startup Open House was founded by Busbud founder LP Maurice and Gabriel Sundaram, of Real Ventures and Notman House.

For more information on participating as a startup and attendee:

●        Montreal – Kara Sheppard-Jones: [email protected]
●        Quebec City – Keith Beaudoin: [email protected]
●        Toronto – Alexander Lynn: [email protected]
●        Vancouver – Lauren Robinson: [email protected]
●        Waterloo Region – Briton Burgio: [email protected]

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