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Markham Data Centre Opens Up Canadian Market For SAP SuccessFactors Clients

SAP-data-centerSAP Canada’s Markham, Ontario data centre has declared itself fully operational, serving customers using SuccessFactors, a human capital management (HCM) company acquired by SAP in 2012.

The data centre is meant to supplement SAP hosting services in its European data centres, while also meaning that for Canadian clients their data no longer has to move across international boundaries, helping to prevent the possibility of compromised security.

The concern over data security is more than just rhetoric. With hosted data including government along with a mix of public and private sector clients, the opening of the Canadian data centre allows clients to pursue contracts that require the travel of data securely as it remains on Canadian soil.

“Organizations in some Canadian provinces are prevented from entering into contracts with cloud providers because of the restrictive laws around data privacy,” said SAP Canada managing director Bob Elliott. “There is much to gain from modifying such legislation to allow them the same access to cloud that the private sector enjoys.”


The SuccessFactors Talent Management platform has over 25 million users, while the SuccessFactors Learning Management System has over 11 million. Both have been integrated with SAP’s HANA cloud platform.

The addition of SuccessFactors to SAP’s Markham data centre comes almost a year after its opening as a processing centre for the HANA Enterprise Cloud platform, in August 2014.

The Canadian data centre brings SAP’s total up to 16 spread across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, North America, China and Australia.

SAP is projecting a sevenfold growth in its cloud services between now and 2020, accounting for €28 billion (over $38 billion CDN) total revenue.

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