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The best coupon apps in Canada

Coupon App Canada

In Canada, there are several excellent coupon apps that can help you save money on a variety of items. These apps offer a range of options for saving money, from grocery shopping to services and loyalty rewards. Here are some of the best options:

  1. Groupon Canada

    While it’s more prominent in the U.S., Groupon still offers many deals in Canada, mainly in large cities. It’s great for savings on services like hair salons, restaurants, automotive, and home services.

    Groupon, widely recognized for its significant impact in the United States, also extends its reach to Canada, offering a variety of deals concentrated primarily in the country’s largest cities. The platform operates by allowing businesses to present substantial deals exclusively to Groupon users. This approach serves as a strategy for businesses to attract new customers, offering them an incentive to try their services at a discounted rate. In return, these businesses hope to impress customers enough to retain them for future full-price services.

    In Canada, Groupon’s scope includes a diverse range of local businesses, particularly focusing on services such as hair salons, restaurants, automotive, and home services. However, it’s important to note that Groupon’s offerings in Canada do not typically include grocery deals. Despite this, the savings realized through Groupon can indirectly benefit grocery budgets by reducing expenses in other areas.

    Getting started with Groupon in Canada is straightforward. Users simply need to download the app, create an account, and then they can begin searching for deals in their area. This process offers a convenient and budget-friendly way to explore new services or enjoy dining experiences at a more affordable price.

  2. Save.ca Canada

    Save.ca, established in 2000, has become a prominent deal site in Canada, known for offering two main types of savings to consumers. The first feature is a flyer comparison service, which lists dozens of weekly flyers from a variety of stores, including drug and specialty stores. This service simplifies the process for consumers to find the best deals in their local area. The second key feature of Save.ca is its digital coupon service. The platform partners with brands across various categories to provide digital coupons, helping users save money on a wide range of products.

    One of the convenient aspects of Save.ca is the way it handles coupon delivery. Users can specify the types of coupons they are interested in, and Save.ca will send them directly to the user’s inbox as they become available. This approach saves time and effort for users, as they no longer need to spend hours searching for coupons themselves.

    While Save.ca offers substantial savings and convenience, it is worth noting that its offerings are somewhat more limited compared to some other coupon apps in terms of variety and scope.

  3. PC Optimum Canada

    PC Optimum is recognized as one of Canada’s most extensive loyalty programs, boasting over ten million satisfied customers. The program is owned by Loblaws, Canada’s largest grocery chain, and extends its benefits to a variety of locations. Members of PC Optimum can accumulate points when they make purchases at any Loblaw store, including No Frills, Shoppers Drug Mart, Real Canadian Superstore, and also at Esso and Mobil gas stations.

    One of the standout features of the PC Optimum program is its personalized discounts, which are tailored based on a member’s buying history. This means that members receive deals on products they frequently buy. The program frequently hosts bonus points events, allowing members to accumulate points more rapidly. These points can then be redeemed for rewards, enhancing the shopping experience and offering significant savings.

    For those looking to maximize their benefits, PC Optimum also provides options to earn points at an accelerated rate through their PC-branded credit cards. The integration of these credit cards with the loyalty program further amplifies the potential rewards and savings for members.

    The PC Optimum app enhances the convenience of using the program, as it is available on both Apple and Android phones through the App Store and the Google Play Store. This accessibility allows members to track their points, view personalized offers, and manage their account effortlessly.

  4. Caddle Canada

    Caddle is a notable money-saving service in Canada, known for its unique approach to offering cash rewards to its users. As a free app, Caddle stands out by paying real cash to users who engage with its platform. The process for users to start earning is straightforward: after downloading the app and setting up a free account, users can browse through weekly offers which typically include quick surveys, concept studies, or product ratings and reviews. These tasks are designed to be simple and quick, often taking only a few seconds to complete.

    The compensation for these tasks reflects their simplicity, with many offers paying out small amounts like five or ten cents. However, these small earnings can accumulate over time. Additionally, Caddle provides digital coupons on various products. To redeem these coupons, users need to purchase the featured product, snap a picture of the receipt, and upload it to the app. This process is quite efficient and can lead to significant savings, especially when combined with store sales.

    Caddle also stands out for its receipt upload feature. The app offers cash rewards for uploading receipts from prominent Canadian retailers, with potential payments of up to $0.50 for each uploaded receipt, regardless of whether the purchase included any participating products.

    New offers are added to the Caddle app every Thursday, and there’s a limited capacity for these offers, making it a dynamic and engaging platform for users looking to save money. The app’s focus on providing real cash rather than just points or virtual rewards adds to its appeal among Canadian savers.

  5. Great Canadian Rebates Canada

    Great Canadian Rebates (GCR) functions essentially as a cashback marketplace, enabling users to earn money back on purchases they would normally make. The concept behind GCR is straightforward: users visit the GCR portal online, where they can find links to a wide range of retailers. These retailers span across different sectors, including financial services and travel companies. When users make purchases through these provided links, GCR earns a commission, a portion of which is then shared with the user.

    One of the distinguishing features of Great Canadian Rebates is its cash-out process. Once users accumulate at least $10 in rewards, they have the option to receive their cashback through a gift card. These gift cards are available for a diverse range of stores, such as Best Buy and Canadian Tire, enabling users to make further purchases while continuing to collect cash back.

    In addition to the regular cashback offers, GCR also promotes a sale of the week, presenting an additional avenue for users to save money. While GCR does not have a dedicated app, its web-based platform is comprehensive, offering access to most of Canada’s largest retailers and an array of other offers.

  6. Rakuten Canada

    Rakuten operates in the cashback app market in Canada, offering a service that closely resembles that of Great Canadian Rebates, but with some key differences that set it apart. As a leader in the cashback space, Rakuten has a global presence, operating in the United States, Asia, and Europe. It has established partnerships with over 750 retailers and owns other brands like Rakuten Travel and Rakuten Kobo, the eReading giant.

    The primary feature that distinguishes Rakuten is its cashback on gift card purchases. While many such offers only provide 1% cash back, it represents a value addition, especially for gift cards that are certain to be used, like those from Canada’s top grocers. Additionally, Rakuten offers more substantial cashback percentages for gift cards at specialty stores, such as Old Navy and Pizza Pizza, among others.

    Rakuten’s larger size compared to GCR gives it more influence and potentially better deals or higher cashback rates. The app is also available on both iOS and Android platforms, adding to its accessibility for a wide range of users.

  7. Checkout 51 Canada

    Checkout 51 is a popular coupon app in Canada, known for its unique all-digital approach to offering deals and cashback. Each Thursday, the app updates with a new set of offers. Users can browse these deals, which typically include a variety of products, and then purchase the items as part of their regular grocery shopping. The distinguishing feature of Checkout 51 is its method of proof of purchase – users are required to take a photo of their receipt and upload it through the app to validate their purchases.

    What makes Checkout 51 particularly appealing to many users is its payout method. Unlike many other apps that offer points or credits redeemable for gift cards, Checkout 51 allows users to earn actual cash. Once a user’s account balance reaches $20, Checkout 51 sends out a physical cheque. This feature offers a tangible reward for users’ savings efforts and is a significant draw for those preferring cash over other types of rewards.

    The range of offers available on Checkout 51 is quite extensive, often including everyday items such as diapers, cereal, cheese, and razors, among others. This variety ensures that the app has broad appeal, catering to a wide range of shopping needs and preferences.

    Checkout 51 is available for both Apple and Android devices, making it accessible to a wide user base.

  8. Flipp Canada

    Flipp is a widely-used app in Canada that revolutionizes the way shoppers approach savings through digital flyers. It simplifies the traditional process of scouring through various physical flyers to compare prices and find the best deals. Flipp users start by providing their postal code, which allows the app to present deals relevant to their local area. The app features flyers from a multitude of Canadian retailers, along with numerous food brands.

    The app’s interface allows users to easily flip through these flyers and select items to add to a digital shopping list. This feature is particularly convenient, as it consolidates various offers into one place, making it much easier for shoppers to compare prices and plan their purchases effectively. Flipp’s appeal lies in its time-saving capability, enabling users to quickly browse through multiple flyers and compile a shopping list in just a few minutes.

    Another advantage of Flipp is its practicality in real-time shopping scenarios. It’s not uncommon to see shoppers in grocery stores referring to the Flipp app to check for current sales as they browse the aisles. This real-time access to deals enhances the shopping experience by allowing for on-the-spot decision-making based on the latest offers.

    Flipp’s comprehensive coverage of retailers and its user-friendly interface make it an essential tool for Canadians looking to maximize their savings on everyday purchases.

  9. Flashfood Canada

    Flashfood in Canada is an innovative app that addresses the issue of food waste in grocery stores while offering consumers significant savings. The app works by partnering with grocery stores to identify perishable items nearing their expiry date, such as meat and produce. These items are then listed on the Flashfood app at discounted prices, often up to 50% off the regular retail price.

    Customers using Flashfood can browse through these discounted items and purchase them directly through the app. The process of picking up the items is also streamlined for convenience. Once a purchase is made, the order is stored in refrigerated lockers located at the front of the store. Customers can then collect their orders from these lockers, verify their purchase with customer service, and quickly be on their way.

    Flashfood is particularly suited for customers who are flexible with their meal planning or those who can immediately utilize or freeze perishable items. The significant discounts offered make it an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers and environmentally conscious consumers looking to reduce food waste.

    Currently, Flashfood’s partnerships in Canada are primarily with Loblaw stores. However, this limitation means that the app’s availability and usefulness might vary depending on one’s location and access to these stores.


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