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FusionPipe Collaborates With UBC Students On Wearable Health Application for Thalmic Labs Myo

FusionVancouver password-less authentication systems developer FusionPipe has developed an application for Thalmic Labs’ Myo armband in a six-month collaboration with students from UBC’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering department that provides a hands-free method for physicians and healthcare professionals to use mobile devices without touching them.

Using a Myo armband in the healthcare workspace provides one of the more compelling use cases, among many, for how developers can take advantage of the Myo’s open API.

Each time a doctor or healthcare professional has to use his or her hands to touch a mouse or keyboard, protocol demands that they then wash their hands before touching any other surface.

Providing a hands-free approach to use technology in a healthcare context will obviously reduce the need for that, reducing time spent during procedures.


The students spent six months, in collaboration with FusionPipe, on what was called the Capstone Design Project, to capitalize on FusionPipe’s deployment of password-free authentication solutions in an Internet of Things context.

Combining Bluetooth Smart, or Bluetooth Low Energy, to power a wearable form factor was the design challenge presented to the students by FusionPipe.

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