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Canada and Australia are the villains of U.N. climate talks, says expert

U.N. climate talks
 U.N. climate talks
Nobel laureate of medicine Peter Doherty.

Canada’s “good guy” international reputation is on shaky ground at the U.N. climate talks, says one expert.

Nobel Laurete Peter Doherty says all eyes at the upcoming Paris meetings will be on two countries.

“People are saying informally that Australia and Canada are emerging as public enemy number one for the Paris talks on climate,” said Doherty from a sustainability symposium being held in Hong Kong.

“No other names are being mentioned,” he added.

Doherty won the the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine jointly with Rolf M. Zinkernagel in 1996. The pair discovered how T cells recognise their target antigens in combination with major histocompatibility complex proteins. The work was considered a leap in the field of immunology.

The United Nations Climate Change Conferences are yearly meetings that began twenty years ago in Berlin to negotiate the Kyoto Protocol, a treaty meant to establish legally binding obligations for countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The Paris meetings, to be held in December, are the twenty-second.

Last December, almost 200 countries gathered in Peru for the twenty-first meeting, where the focus was on rising global surface temperatures.

Jeremiah Lengoasa, The deputy secretary general of the World Meteorological Organization, opened that meeting by noting that that 14 of the 15 warmest years on record had occurred in the 21st century.

“If November and December maintain the same global temperature anomaly value, the best estimates for 2014, according to this measure, will place it as the warmest year on record,” he told delegates.

“Nature is not waiting. We are seeing extreme events,” he added.

But Canada’s environment minister, Leona Aglukkaq, was non-committal about meeting climate change targets. Canada dropped out of the Kyoto protocol in 2011.

“If it makes sense for Canada, we’ll go there. But in terms of targets we have not finalized those as we move towards 2015,” she said.

In December, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said regulating emissions in the oil industry would be “crazy”.

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  1. Canada’s government revels in being top of the class. Even if it is the class of pariah’s.

  2. The world has been gradually warming since the little ice age by about 1.5 degrees C with the majority of the warming occurring without human influence.

    What is so surprising that recent years are slightly warmer than 150 years ago?

    Do they thing that global temperatures should be constant? Silly statements!

  3. We’re very proud that we have a Prime Minister who is not willing to follow theology of the newest world religion — AGW. As with all religions, the Church of Global Warming is built on fear mongering, doomsday predictions, tithing (carbon fees), blind faith and ridicule of heretics.

    It even has its own version of the Great Flood.

  4. Climate alarmists think that prior to 1850, the world was a perfect Shangri La. Temperature was constant for billions of years and life on planet earth was perfect for all. There had never been any ice ages, or warming. No species had ever gone extinct. As soon as the planet was formed….BANG…..ideal climate. And then along came evil man and for the past 150 years, all he!! has broken loose.

    And they accuse climate change realists of being the equivalent of flat earthers (who actually buy into the AGW scam).

    Members of the Church of Global Warming have no knowledge of history, geography, science or geology. They are religious zealots in every sense of the word.

  5. The new voice of denial. I used to think it was just the politicians who were ignorant when in fact people like you are the stupid ones. When you wake up and smell the roses you’ll already be toast.

  6. You have every right to belong to your new religion. Stop forcing it on the rest of us.

  7. What is happening is happening at a faster rate than ever before. Ignorance is bliss. If you think the world is fine then it is for you.
    Religion is for weak minded people so wear that cross yourself.
    Enjoy the drought

  8. I’m glad you agree that religious faithful members of the Church of Global Warming are weak-minded individuals.

    We don’t have the technology available to us to be able to tell whether the earth has warmed .08 degrees Celsius in 160 years before on this planet or not. I know you like to ‘believe’ we’re that smart, but we aren’t. This planet is BILLIONS of years old and you honestly “believe” we have the capability of being able to tell how fast the climate changed 1 billion years ago.

    Keep on with your “beliefs”. You have just as much right to have your faith as any other religious zealot.

  9. LOL…..Oh yes you do. You are a card-carrying, full-fledged member of the newest world religion — The Church of Global Warming. And you “believe” all the stories in your little AGW bible, with all of it’s doomsday predictions.

    The “Great Flood”, apocalyptic warnings….rising seas, droughts, pestilence, annihilation, plagues, ‘extreme’ storms…..it’s got it all. And you are one of the quivering masses waiting to be wiped off the planet because of the ‘sins of man’. You are being played like every other religious zealot for thousands of years before you.

  10. Climate will become a real tragedy, when the Ice Age starts, with a Willie the Woolly Mammoth event.

  11. There is only one thing that can be said for you. There is none so blind as he who cannot see.
    Enjoy your future.

  12. Spoken like a true…..dare I say it??? Wait for it…..

    R E L I G I O U S Zealot. Oh yeah. You’ve baptized yourself deep into the Church of Global Warming. Blind faith, babe.

  13. We have the best PM in a long long time. I’m glad he’s being cautious with this climate change nonsense. I keep asking, but not one single member of that global warming religion can tell me when and at what point, do they want the earth to STOP doing what it has done naturally since the dawn of time.

    What is the perfect average global temp? Perfect humidity? Perfect combination of atmospheric gasses? Perfect ocean alkaline / acid levels? Perfect everything? Then we can instruct Mother Nature that these levels are what the climate hysterics have decided that we should have for optimum life on this planet so that no other species ever goes extinct again and we all live happily ever after.

    Surprisingly *cough*, none of these religious climate fanatics are able to answer that question. They can keep their religious b.s.. Not interested in joining.

  14. Ah, another member of the church of global warming hysterics. Maybe you can answer my questions that none of the other faithful have been able to answer.

    What is the perfect average global temp? Perfect humidity? Perfect combination of atmospheric gasses? Perfect ocean alkaline / acid levels? Perfect everything?

    Please tell all of us non-believers, so that we can instruct Mother Nature that these levels are what the climate hysterics have decided we should have for optimum life on this planet so that no other species ever goes extinct again and we all live happily ever after.

    I await your response, but I have a feeling, I’ll be waiting for a very long time.

  15. You’re quite deeply indoctrinated aren’t you? You have all of the passages from your climate bible memorized very well. “Faster rate.” Too bad the members of your religion aren’t as well schooled and educated in science, geology or history.

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