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Why is Nanos Research calling me?

Nanos Research

Nanos Research is a Canadian public opinion and research company. It specializes in conducting public opinion polls, market research, and data analysis. Nanos Research is known for its expertise in political polling and provides data-driven insights on various topics, including political campaigns, public policy issues, and consumer behavior.

Founded by Nik Nanos in 1987, Nanos Research has established itself as a reputable and independent research firm in Canada. It utilizes a range of methodologies, including telephone surveys, online surveys, and data analytics, to collect and analyze data. The company’s research findings and analysis are often cited by media outlets, government agencies, and organizations to understand public opinion and make informed decisions.

Nanos Research is committed to maintaining high standards of research methodology, accuracy, and impartiality. It adheres to the principles of transparency, rigor, and ethical conduct in its research practices. The company’s work helps provide insights into public sentiment and trends, serving as a valuable resource for understanding Canadian society and its opinions.

Why is Nanos Research Calling Me?

Nanos Research, like many other polling and research firms, uses a variety of methods to collect data, including conducting telephone surveys. Calling people allows them to reach a representative sample of the population and gather their opinions on different topics.

There are a few reasons why Nanos Research and other polling companies choose to conduct phone surveys:

  1. Random Sampling: Phone surveys allow researchers to employ random sampling techniques to ensure that their sample represents the broader population. By using random digit dialing or targeted demographic quotas, they can reach a diverse range of respondents and collect data that reflects the demographics of the population they are studying.
  2. Wide Reach: Telephone surveys provide a wide reach since most households have a telephone. It allows researchers to collect data from different geographic regions and demographic groups, providing a more comprehensive picture of public opinion.
  3. Structured Questioning: Phone surveys enable researchers to ask questions in a structured manner, ensuring consistency across respondents. They can use standardized questionnaires and probe further based on the responses they receive, allowing for deeper insights into participants’ opinions.
  4. Real-time Data Collection: Conducting phone surveys allows for real-time data collection, providing timely information on public sentiment. This is particularly important in tracking changes in public opinion during election campaigns, policy debates, or other time-sensitive events.

While phone surveys have been a traditional method of data collection, it’s worth noting that the research landscape is evolving, and other methodologies, such as online surveys, are becoming increasingly popular. Researchers use a combination of methods to ensure they capture a representative sample and account for the preferences and behaviors of different segments of the population.

Are there other firms like Nanos Research?

Yes, there are several other firms that specialize in public opinion research and polling, similar to Nanos Research. These firms conduct surveys and provide insights into public sentiment, market trends, and consumer behavior. Some notable examples include:

  1. Ipsos: Ipsos is a global market research and consulting firm headquartered in France. It conducts public opinion polling, social research, customer satisfaction studies, and provides market intelligence in various sectors.
  2. Angus Reid Institute: The Angus Reid Institute is a Canadian-based public opinion research organization. It conducts surveys and studies on political, social, and economic issues, aiming to provide unbiased insights into Canadian public opinion.
  3. Leger: Leger is a market research and analytics firm based in Canada. It offers a wide range of research services, including public opinion polling, customer experience measurement, brand studies, and more.
  4. Ekos Research Associates: Ekos Research is a Canadian research and consulting firm specializing in public opinion research, strategic consulting, and policy analysis. It conducts surveys and provides insights into political and social issues.
  5. Abacus Data: Abacus Data is a Canadian research and strategy firm that focuses on public opinion research and data-driven insights. It conducts surveys and helps clients understand public attitudes, consumer behavior, and market trends.

These are just a few examples of research firms that operate in the field of public opinion research. Each company has its own methodologies, areas of expertise, and client base. They play a vital role in providing data-driven insights to businesses, government organizations, media outlets, and other stakeholders seeking to understand public sentiment and make informed decisions.




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