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Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle rolls out to Canadian dealerships

chevy boltTwo years ago, a Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle (EV) concept car was unveiled at the 2015 North American International Auto Show. Ever since, Canadian consumers have been antsy to get their hands on one. This time last year, we reported that a single Quebec dealer had pre-sold 93 of them.

Yesterday was the day for those anxious Canadians, as the first models of the Chevrolet Bolt EV were delivered to buyers in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

The Chevy Bolt EVs can last up to 383 kilometres on a single charge, can go from zero to sixty in 6.5 seconds, offers 266 lb/ft of torque, and starts with a price tag of $42,795 not including taxes and applicable fees. The Bolt comes with some other pretty cool features such as One-Pedal Driving which allows the driver to come to a complete stop without having to touch the brake pedal, this allows the energy produced to be re-used instead of being lost while breaking.

That $42,795 price tag does not include incentives which are offered based on which province you live in. Those who live in Ontario can get up to $14,000 in incentives plus up to $1,000 towards the installation of a home charging station for your their vehicle. The amount the customer receives is based on the battery size of the vehicle, the number of passengers which the vehicle can hold, the price of the vehicle, and the terms of the lease. In Quebec it is possible to receive up to $8,000 off the vehicle plus 50 per cent off a charging station up to a maximum of $600. British Columbians can receive up to $5,000 of incentives towards the vehicle.

Production for the Chevy Bolt EV began in November of 2016 and the very first Bolts were sold in California over December of 2016. It will be available across all North America and certain European markets early this year.

The Chevy Bolt has already won awards, including Green Car Journal’s 2017 Green Car of the Year, the 2017 Motor Trend Car of the Year Award, the 2017 North American Car of the Year award. It was also been listed by Time Magazine as one of the best 25 inventions of 2016.

On the EV market at the moment, Tesla is the Chevy Bolt’s biggest concern, but the price difference between the two is huge. The entry model that Tesla offers, the Tesla Model S, which has a 40 kWH battery, rings in at $92,500 which is around $50,000 more than the Chevy Bolt. Even at the hefty prices it charges, Tesla’s are selling. In the third quarter of 2016, the Elon Musk-led company sold a combined 24,500 Model X and Model S EVs. Tesla will release Q4 numbers later this month.

The real competition for the Chevy Bolt will come when Tesla release its (US) $35,000 Model 3, but the release date on that true entry vehicle has been pushed back to 2018.

For now, Business Insider’s Danielle Muoio says the Chevy Bolt is a hamburger compared to the steak that is Tesla.

“If you’re looking to get an EV right now, the Bolt is a good option. But you’ll likely get more for your money if you wait for Tesla’s Model 3, says Muoio.

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  1. Wonderful to know, that for every Bolt I’ll see, the Ontario government could’ve given me a brand new Chevrolet Spark, to replace our 12 year-old Impala, plus $5000 towards the outrageous hydro bills we have to pay here :/ .

  2. Do the calculation on the battery life at -15C … Its not 383Km! .. Thats driving on a level road at 20C !

  3. I Love these “Theoretical” calculations and with all testings done say in Texas not in Alaska…..

  4. I wonder how many can Really afford it, and how many of the NOT so well off are willing to Dump this in Ontario’s Pad-Holes …..and then go to the canadian DealerScumBags government encouraged Thiefs to have it repaired !!!!!!!!

  5. Waste of money.

    Electric cars are just not there yet. These calculations are in optimum conditions. Add putting on the heat or AC, terrain (hills) etc and there is no way that this car gets that. Even at maximum, 383 KM is not acceptable enough range unless you are doing exclusively city driving.

    That does not even take into consideration the price of electricity in Ontario these days. These are the cars of the rich folks — who can afford to virtue signal to the world how much they care about the earth, while actually driving their Porches. There is not a middle class family that could feasibly buy one, and make it work for them financially and practically.

  6. I would just love the opportunity to lease or buy the new bolt it would be perfect for the amount of commuting i do but at $44000.00 even with a Quebec lousy $8000.00 rebate
    compared to Ontario gracious $14000.00 incentive , is still out of reach for the middle income earner . at least for this dual income income family .

  7. Rolls in to the dealers and rolls out to the scrap yard. GM North Americas largest scrap dealer with the 20 k engine.

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