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1. At next week’s U.S. Open tennis tournament, Ralph Lauren will be debuting a T-shirt developed in collaboration with Montreal-based wearable tech firm OMsignal, the first example of wearable tech to be road-tested by a mainstream fashion label.

Montreal’s OMsignal and Ralph Lauren To Debut Smart T-Shirts At U.S. Open

2. Canada’s Privacy Commissioner, Daniel Therrien, has filed his Annual Report from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for 2013 and he says the unknown impact of emerging technologies -and a certain telco incumbent- are of concern.

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner says drones, Bell, among current concerns

3. On the face of it, the “Do Us A Flavor/Flavour” campaign is an exercise in crowd-sourcing and user engagement. These campaigns are not the result of sagging brands or poor sales in this new, merciless world of the internet. The chip industry is relatively safe from digital disruption.

How Frito-Lay’s Bacon Poutine Flavour Recruits You As A Marketer

4. The CBC recently lost the TV rights to NHL hockey and is undergoing massive budget cuts as a result. This left little in the kitty to pay KO for his contribution to Ms. Lang’s CBC show; he’s no longer doing these TV gigs solely to sell mutual funds or mortgages.

When it comes to marketing, at least, Kevin O’Leary knows what he’s doing

5. Amaya Gaming’s (TSX:AYA) second quarter is a demarcation point between the old and new company, says Global Maxfin Capital analyst Ralph Garcea.

Amaya Gaming gets new $39 target from Global Maxfin Capital