Vancouver’s Zecotek Soars on 3D Printing Plans

Zecotek CEO Dr. A.F. Zerrouk says the company's interface will give end users the ability to see a true 3D image throughout the design process, saving on time, material and cost.

Shares of Vancouver’s Zecotek Photonics (TSXV:ZMS OTCBB:ZMSPF), better known for its crystals used in positron emission tomography (PET) scanners, spiked today after the company announced it will employ its existing 3D display technology to enter the 3D printing space. Zecotek is designing a printing interface platform between existing and future generations of 3D printers and [...]

Zecotek is a buy, says Zacks analyst Brian Marckx

Zacks analyst Brian Marckx says that while the carrying value of Zecotek's patent portfolio is minimal, the "true tangible value" could be substantial, and that success in its current actions against giants Philips and Saint-Gobain could produce a result that dwarfs the company's current market cap.

With a large patent portfolio and pending infringement case, Zecotek Photonics (TSXV:ZMS) is well positioned to benefit from growth in the lucrative positron emission tomography scanner market, says Zacks analyst Brian Marckx. Marckx notes that Zecotek has a sizable patent portfolio that covers all its major products, including lasers, displays, LFS crystals, photo detectors, and [...]

Zecotek is more than just a lawsuit, says McWhirter

Selective Asset Management's Bob McWhirter says investors should not forget that Zecotek's current legal actions are just one part of the company's business.

Venture exchange high-flier Zecotek Photonics (TSXV:ZMS) has received a lot of attention for its lawsuit against giants Philips and Saint-Gobain of late, but one fund manager says the case is just one part of the company’s larger value proposition. Bob McWhirter, President & Portfolio Manager at Selective Asset Management, was on BNN’s Market Call Tonight [...]

Zecotek shareholders hope for Markman Hearing bump

Zecotek CEO Dr. Faouzi Zerrouk says the damages from the alleged violation of its patent by companies Saint-Gobain and Philips could be "significant".

Shareholders of Zecotek Photonics (TSXV:ZMS) are no doubt hoping the company’s upcoming Markman Hearing, which it today announced will take place early in July, will do for the company what it has done for many others of late: send its share price north. A “Markman Hearing”, aims to determine the use of relevant key words [...]

Zecotek’s connection to Higgs boson, CEO Faouzi Zerrouk explains

British theoretical physicist Peter Higgs photographed in the moments following the announcement of Higgs Boson discovery on July 4th. Vancouver's Zecotek Photonics has worked closely with CERN for several years.

In July, scientists at Switzerland’s CERN research centre unveiled the latest results in their search for the Higgs boson, a subatomic particle believed to be key to the formation of stars, planets and, ultimately, life. The particle, first proposed by several physicists including Peter Higgs, is the final piece of the Standard Model, a theory [...]

Ten Interesting Canadian Tech Stocks Under Fifty Cents

Australian Minister for Resources and Energy Martin Ferguson: "You've got to understand, the resources boom is over. Anyone with half a brain knows that."

TOP PICKS FOR 2013: We polled some of Canada’s best tech analyst for their top picks for the coming year. Check them out here. Is there a sector rotation taking place in Canada? While resource plays have been a drag on the Canadian markets for more than a year, the story certainly isn’t unique to [...]

Zecotek secures mass production deal

Zecotek's Micro-pixel Avalanche Photo Diodes (MAPD). The company believes its imaging division technology will reduce the cost of a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner by up to 40%, by replacing the bulky phototubes used in traditional scanners.

Zecotek Photonics (TSXV:ZMS) today announced it had selected Korea’s National NanoFab Center to manufacture its photodiode (MAPD) solid-state photo detector arrays. Zecotek believes its imaging division technology, which includes crystals, photo detectors and data acquisition or read-out electronics, will reduce the cost of a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner by up to 40%, by replacing [...]

Talking Tech with AlphaNorth’s Steve Palmer

AlphaNorth's Palmer on Zecotek Photonics: "Zecotek's current market value is only $35 million. We think the value of the lawsuit could be $200 million or more. The company also has a 3D screen technology which doesn't require glasses and a laser division. Each of these, if successfully commercialized could also be worth several hundred million dollars in value to the company."

In the button-down, “show me the dividend” world of Canadian money management, AlphaNorth’s Steve Palmer stands out. Headed by Palmer, who was once VP of Canadian Equities at AIG Global Investments, AlphaNorth Asset Management simply demanded the attention of the street when it posted a gain of 160.6% in 2009 and followed that up with [...]

Cantech Letter interviews Dr. Faouzi Zerrouk, CEO of Zecotek Photonics

Zerrouk: "At this time, we have to position ourselves very carefully in order to gain as much competitive advantage as possible. We have done that by making sure our crystal technology was fully internationally patent protected and that it was a very robust crystal."

In an R&D intensive venture there are two occasions that stand above all others; the moment an idea is born and the moment it is commercialized. Between these two milestones can lie a rough and rocky road, fraught with false starts and frustration, especially for public companies, who must depend upon increasingly fickle capital markets. [...]

February 2nd, 2012: Today in Canadian Tech


The TSX was up +35.82 points to 12,553.48, a gain of 0.29% Meanwhile, the S&P/TSX Capped Information Technology Index was up 3.65% to 26.98. Here’s who said what in the world of Canadian tech stocks today: Norsat (TSX: NII) announced the appointment of Ivan Gissing as General Manager of its Sinclair Division. Full Story Amaya [...]