Firan Technology is firing on all cylinders, says Paradigm Capital

Firan Technology Group's clients include Canadian aerospace giant Bombardier.

A better than expected fourth quarter is further conformation of Paradigm analyst Daniel Kim’s bullish take on Firan Technology (TSX:FTG), says the analyst. On Monday, Firan reported its Q4 and fiscal 2015 results. In the fourth quarter, the company earned $6.4-million on revenue of $18.74-million, a 14 per cent topline bump over the same period […]

Quebec City’s Robotiq adds sense of touch to robot hands with new Force Torqe Sensor


Quebec City’s Robotiq has released its new Force Torque Sensor, called the FT 300, that adds a sense of touch to robots, allowing a high degree of precision and control for robots engaged in complex tasks like product testing, assembly and part insertion. The FT 300 has plug-and-play integration with Universal Robots, making it easy […]

Thalmic Labs Myo armband allows amputee to control prosthetic limb


Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have used a Myo armband, made by Waterloo, Ontario’s Thalmic Labs, to control a prosthetic limb using electric impulses transmitted from an amputee’s mind to his limb. Until now, we’ve mostly seen the Myo used in applications involving things like playing video games, controlling devices like drones or motorized vehicles, […]

Hootsuite’s Ryan Holmes launches Oristand standing desk


Vancouver-based Oristand, a new venture launched by Hootsuite founder Ryan Holmes, has launched to provide an inexpensive standing desk option, retailing for $25 US, compared to a typical minimum cost of $200 and up for a full-feature standing desk. The Oristand is made of industrial strength, recyclable cardboard and is the result of Holmes’ personal […]

Montreal’s Revols earbuds raise $2.5 million US on Kickstarter


Montreal’s Revols have concluded a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $2.5 million for their Quick Custom Fit Wireless Earphones that mould to the ear in 60 seconds, ensuring a perfect fit for the earbuds. The campaign ended on January 8, raising a total of $2,530,756 USD from 10,569 backers, becoming Canada’s most funded project on […]

UK police set to expand use of drones supplied by Waterloo’s Aeryon Labs


Police in the UK have concluded a series of trials using drones in the course of “high risk” police work, resulting in Sussex and Surrey police receiving a £250,000 grant from the Police Innovation Fund which they will use to buy five SkyRanger drones from Waterloo, Ontario’s Aeryon Labs. The Times newspaper is reporting that […]