Saj Karsan: Calian Technologies ticks all the Joel Greenblatt boxes

Will Calian Technologies be the little Canadian tech stock that beats the market? Value investor Saj Karsan says it meets the criteria of Joel Greenblatt's book.

Technology companies are generally more difficult to value than their counterparts in more stable industries. Because of the disruptive nature of change in the tech industry, it’s very difficult to forecast earnings a few years out with any degree of certainty. But there are properties a company can possess, even one in the technology industry, […]

Canada’s Cashed up Tech Stocks; Part Two


Canada’s Cashed up Tech Stocks Category TWO: Market Cap between $200 million and $1 billion 1. QLT Inc. (TSX:QLT) 66.5% Market Cap: $367.6 million Cash and Short Term Investments: $244.63 million Vancouver’s QLT has seen its share of highs and lows. Founded in 1981 as Quadra Logic Technologies, the company went public in 1986 at […]

Canada’s Cashed up Tech Stocks; Part Three


Canada’s Cashed up Tech Stocks, PART THREE. Companies Listed in the TSX, Technology, Cleantech and Life Sciences Sectors with a Market Cap Less Than $200 million, more than $10 million. 1. Labopharm (TSX:DDS) 225% Market Cap as of Friday, May 20th: $22.1 Million Cash and Short Term Investments: $49.63 Million Workforce reductions, staggering losses, regulatory […]

Cantech Letter interviews Dave Caputo of Sandvine (TSX:SVC)

Caputo: "To date, fixed line broadband has been a Field of Dreams – “build it and they will come”. No matter how much capacity is built, it is almost instantly consumed."

Usage based billing, bandwidth throttling, a pay per use internet. Sandvine’s business can described with a host of hot button terms. Or it could be described with just one: Netflix. The growth of Netflix is bringing debate about bandwidth management to a head. On May 17th, Sandvine released a report showing that Netflix now accounts […]

Cantech Letter interviews Anil Wirasekara of Macdonald Dettwiler

Wirasekara: "We believed it was an opportune time to divest ourselves of our products business as we saw a prolonged recession in the Property Information Market."

Since 1969, when John MacDonald and Werner Dettwiler formed their eponymous venture, MacDonald Dettwiler (TSX:MDA) has been a part of the fabric of Canadian technology. MDA’s CanadaArm, a robotic space arm developed in the 1970’s to repair and service NASA space shuttles, is iconic. But with the Canadarm set to literally, become history in the […]

Nortel’s Final Role: Organ Donor


Not with a bang but with a whimper. On June 20th, for all intents and purposes, Nortel will no longer exist. That’s the day that the final pieces of its patent portfolio will be sold off to the highest bidder. At its peak, in 2000, Nortel had a market value of $350 billion. At one […]

Mint Technology looks to mirror Green Dot and NetSpend


Those watching the return of tech stocks to the list of top volume traders on the TSX Venture Exchange may have noticed a new entrant recently; Mint Technology Corp. (TSXV:MIT). Microcap hopeful Mint has undergone a flurry of activity of late that has effectively changed the face of the company. The company today completed the […]

Nick Waddell and Henry Blodget go head to head on RIM


In the June issue of Canadian Business, Cantech Letter Editor Nick Waddell goes head to head with Henry Blodget, a former Wall Street analyst who is now CEO and editor-in-chief of Business Insider. Blodget argues that RIM is dead because its products are simply no longer the best in market and RIM’s management team of […]

RIM’s Holy War


Cantech Letter contributor Adam Adamou talks about the launch of the BlackBerry Playbook and says the tablet and smartphone space has become a holy war between zealots of the different factions all vying for supremacy… Few consumer devices have caused as much friction and debate as the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. For whatever reason, a certain […]