The Leitch Legacy: Five Companies Filling the Void


The Leitch Legacy; Five Companies Filling the Void. Five years ago this month, October 25th, 2005 to be precise, Canadians lost the head office of one of our most promising companies. Toronto’s Leitch Technology (TSX:LTV), was a worldwide leader in a host of broadcast technologies. The Company’s Viewguard encryption system, for instance, was used worldwide. […]

Revenue Per Employee: Ranking Canada’s Techs


The Top 10 Canadian Tech Stocks Ranked by Revenue per Employee Efficiency. It’s the dream of technology. Dishwashers, refrigerators, and personal computers are mainstays of most every home today, but they were once the time saving devices of the future. The technology dream for investors has always been the high-margin appeal of intellectual property; invent […]

Canadian 3D: Beyond TV

The WRAP920 from Vuzix

Canadian 3D Beyond TV There’s more to 3D than television. And right now, there are several Canadian 3D technology stocks exploring the possibilities of the technology  in the medical and mining fields, for instance. While most of the companies profiled below are still at the earlier stages of their journey, there is a least one […]

An interview with Mark Thierer, President of SXC Health


Four years ago, SXC Health was lost in the shuffle -a mid sized healthcare IT provider from Milton, Ontario with just over $80 million in revenue. Today, after aggressive acquisitions and organic growth, the company is an international healthcare IT King. SXC is a pioneer in the pharmacy benefit management sector, with revenues in excess of $1.4 billion. Recently named by FORTUNE Magazine as one of the 100 fastest Growing Companies, SXC Health has become one of the biggest Canadian technology success stories in recent memory. Mark Thierer is the man who has been at the helm of SXC since 2006. Cantech Letter readers quiz him on what’s next.

The Dividend 10


The Dividend 10: Canada’s top Dividend Paying Tech Stocks One only has to look to some of Canada’s largest tech companies to learn that the subject of tech stocks declaring a dividend, especially those loosely classified as growth stocks, is a contentious issue. At CGI Group’s (TSX:GIB.A) annual general meeting this past January the Globe […]

RIM Negativity: Six Counter Arguments

Left to Right: Unidentified man with red tie, Saj Karsan

Negativity about Research in Motion: Six Counter Arguments This past Thursday, Research in Motion (TSX:RIM) reported its Q2 2011 results. The numbers, which beat the street’s expectations significantly, appeared strong enough to quell a growing negativity that has hounded the company and sent its shares near three year lows. The number of smartphone units that […]

A look at the balance sheet of Research in Motion (TSX:RIM)


No respect. It’s hard to imagine that Research in Motion has become the Rodney Dangerfield of tech stocks. Just two years ago it seemed every analyst in the country was behind the company and its prospects. That country was, of course, The United States, home to Apple, Google, and Palm, who some nervy analysts are […]

Quant Snapshot: VIQ Solutions (TSXV:VQS)

VIQ Logo

Order in the court. Since 2004, Calgary based VIQ Solutions (TSXV:VQS) has been trying to provide it. The Company’s Encompass suite of products provides digital audio and video capture that is used mostly in courtrooms. In 2009, VIQ was selected for an ambitious project; outfit 594 fixed and portable installations across the United Kingdom with […]