My 1996 investment in RIM; Adam Adamou remembers

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In May, 1996 Caseridge Capital’s Adam Adamou was a Senior Investment Manager at Working Ventures Canadian Fund Inc. Working Ventures’ mandate was to invest in small to mid-sized Canadian companies, with Adam focusing primarily on the technology sector. Pages 135-136 of “Blackberry:
The Inside Story of Research in Motion” notes that Adamou was the first person that Jim Balsillie pitched to in a pre-IPO institutional series of meetings. Weeks later, RIM sold 10 million special warrants at $3.40 to five institutions, including Working Ventures. In an interview with Dollarton’s Nick Waddell, Adamou recalls that meeting.

Tech Triangle: Google Mapping “The Big Eight”


The Kitchener/Cambridge/Waterloo “Tech Triangle”. There are nearly six hundred private technology companies in the area. Research in Motion is by far the biggest public tech company here, but they are not alone. There are, In fact, eight technology stocks with market caps larger than $100 million.

Using Google Maps, let’s take a walking tour of The Tech Triangle (depending upon your fitness level you may want to get in your car, or grab a bus for the trip over to ATS and COM DEV in Cambridge).